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Female Artists You Need To Follow on Instagram Right Now

Through the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve found an abundance of ways to cope. Whether it’s that new series on a streaming service or that surprise album drop, art has become a shared experience. To top it off, we are in the middle of women’s history month, even more of a reason to appreciate the women who provide us with those coping mechanisms. Media at the touch of our fingertips makes it all possible. Artists on Instagram have helped me reclaim my use of Instagram from overwhelming social acceptance to coping with entertainment. Here are seven women artists whose eloquent photography, drawings, and even baking with the additions of adorable motivational messages keep me sane.

Lilly @cubmoth
KangHee Kim – @tinycactus
Caroline – @doot_doodles 
Sara Hagle – @shagey_ 
Luna Rey Cano – @lunareycano 
Titsay [email protected] 
Aya Takano – @takano.aya
I am a California native who loves my family, my home, my dogs, Kain and Mak. I’m also a Communications major who happens to be bad at communicating, but I'm trying! I write to become a better me.
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