Colors to Wear This Christmas

The Holidays are in full swing, and Christmas is just around the corner! Just when you thought you were done arguing with family during Thanksgiving dinner last month, you’re back at it again this month. Besides all that, it’s also a time to look your absolute best. 

Here some go-to colors to try wearing this Christmas!


1. Hunter Green

WOW! WHAT A LOOK! Green is your best friend when you want to be festive for Christmas. Hunter green is everything for the fall/winter seasons as well. With this hunter green sweater you’ll be looking cute all season long. 


2. Plaid


PLAID!!! PLAID!!! AND MORE PLAID!!! Plaid is one of the main patterns this fall and winter. From plaid trench coats to bottoms to basically anything you can think of. GO GET YOURSELF ONE NOW! YUP RIGHT NOW! I’m giving you FIVE SECONDS! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 TIME IS UP! I BETTER SEE YOU WEARING ONE RIGHT NOW!


3. Grey 

Grey has always been a staple color for fall and winter. So, cop yourself this HOT grey midi dress with cute cut sleeves on the shoulder.        


4. Camo

Camo cargo pants is all the RAGE! From, it’s crazy cool pattern to it’s military look. You will be looking like you came out of the army but a stylish one. Don’t forget to pair with a cute cropped puffer jacket to keep you warm and even a sleek low bun with some hoops will add to the look. THANK ME LATER!


5. Burgundy

If you’re looking for something cute to wear for the holidays, whether it be dressy or just a casual holiday party. LOOK NO MORE!!! This burgundy red button down dress will leave you wanting more. You can button them up or down to your liking.