Off Campus Eats: Pt.1

Where to Eat Around Campus when the Dining Hall is Just Getting Old

By: Brianna Matias


Every St. John’s student knows going to Monty’s and Marillac everyday gets beyond boring. Many students don’t know about the hidden restaurants right next to campus. Here’s 5 places to eat that aren’t on campus and you won’t have to break the bank.

Vincenzo’s Pizza


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Vincenzo’s is definitely ranked #1 for most St. John’s students. It’s a short two-minute walk from campus and offers so many specials so that you won’t break the bank. Be sure to stop in for $1 slice Wednesdays for those late night study nights!


Nikko Hibachi

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Two words: Happy Hour! Nikko Hibachi is the ultimate hangout for SJU kids. Whether you’re a sushi lover or not, there’s definitely something for you to enjoy here. It’s also the prime first date spot with its dark and mystic atmosphere. No SJU student can graduate without eating here!


Double J’s Deli

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A true classic. Double J Deli has been around before most of us here at SJU now, but it definitely doesn’t get old. Making the best sandwiches named after different organizations on campus, Double J’s will always be a favorite late night spot. Be sure to stop in next time you’re craving a classic New York Bacon, egg & cheese.

Acquista Trattoria

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Sometimes us college kids just need to treat ourselves. Acquista Trattoria may be on the pricier side, but it’s great when you need a night out with the girls! You’ll usually see the usual roommate birthdays being celebrated here, and even some awkward overly-fancy first dates. Going here is a great excuse to flaunt that dress that has been sitting in the back of your closet all semester!


CJ’S Cafe



Basic but essential. College isn’t always great for our bodies, but CJ’s gives SJU students some healthier options! From wraps to salads to smoothies, they offer a wide variety of options that won’t have you regretting it later!