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Breast Cancer for Women’s Week



On Wednesdays we wear Pink! Now that October is over and November is here to stay this means that Breast Cancer Awareness month is over until next year. But this doesn’t mean that we should turn our heads away from it. Although fewer than 7% of woman under the age of woman get diagnosed with breast cancer, woman of all ages are still able to get it. So it is important to be aware of your body and risk factors. Another scary factor that younger woman like us in college need to worry about is that, we are more likely to have a fast growing, higher grade and hormone receptor-negative.


Here are a few risk factors to look out for.


-A history background with family members who had breast cancer.

-History of radiation treatments to the chest before age 40.

-Getting your period before age 12.

-Heavy alcohol abuse, high intake of red meat, dense breasts and obesity.


Also another thing to remember is that studies suggest that taking birth control pills in the previous 10 years increase the risk for developing breast cancer.


Diagnosing breast cancer in woman under 40 is more difficult, because their breast tissue is generally denser than in older women.


So remember ladies it is good to know your own body and to feel around for a lump every once in a while. If you find anything strange, then report it to your doctor. The American Cancer Society say breast self-exams are optional for women starting in their 20’s. Once you are 20, regular breast exams done at least 3 years by your doctor are recommended.



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