Best Hot Beverages to Drink This Winter

When people are talking about winter, what do they think of? Small but beautiful snowflakes falling and sticking to the ground; cuddling up and watching Netflix; holding a nice and hot beverage in your hand. 

Living in the tri-state area my entire life has taught me that hot beverages are one of the only things that will help you survive through the extreme cold and snow here. But sometimes, you can’t make it out to Starbucks, Dunkin, or your local coffee or tea spot. 

Here are nine hot drinks for winter that are easy to make in your house when you are snowed in: 


1. Chai Tea Latte

This coffee shop favorite is easier to make than most would think. You can either buy chai tea bags at your local grocery store, or you can make your own.


2. Warm Apple Cider

This hot beverage is usually paired with Thanksgiving and goes well into Christmas. Apple cider is amazing, cold or warm. You can enjoy your local grocery store apple cider, that usually comes from orchards in your area, or you can make your own that matches your taste. 


3. Hot Chocolate

Known as the American and worldwide staple for cold weather, hot chocolate is an indulgence for children, adults, and especially, chocolate lovers. You can easily enjoy the classic Hershey’s, Starbucks’, Swiss Miss, or Ghirardelli’s. But if you’re feeling experimental, one of the things that you can add to spice up your hot chocolate is ground chipotle and cinnamon to turn up the heat with this winter favorite drink. 


4. Eggnog

This Christmas favorite is one of the easiest festive drinks you can make, especially if you have a blender. Though many people like to just grab a little carton at the grocery store, making your own eggnog can be very fun. 


5. Hot Vanilla Milk

This hot beverage has been a staple in my family for generations. Coming from Ireland, this beverage will always keep you warm. This hot beverage is not that hard to make, and it really hits the spot! You can remake this basic recipe in three of my favorite ways: steeping Earl Grey tea, green tea, or Irish breakfast tea in the milk.


6. Winter Lemonade

For the citrus lovers, this drink will make your winter warmer. This drink also caters towards the tea lovers out there. 


7. London Fog Latte

This recipe is one of my favorites, alongside the chai tea latte. Earl Grey tea is a major ingredient in this recipe, for those of you who are tea lovers, it has healing properties as well as caffeine.


8. Russian Tea

In case you do not have time to make this recipe, it does come in a powder form at some grocery stores. This drink is a healthy alternative for a few of the sugary warm beverages that people crave during the wintertime. 


9. Dandelion Latte

Dandelion root tea is a tea that is full of flavor. When you add almond or skim milk, and a dash of cinnamon, this latte soothes the soul during the winter.