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Calling all baddies on a budget! Everyday, makeup brands launch new products for an expensive price that aren’t always the best quality. Although makeup brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Fenty are high-quality brands, there are many drugstore products that have been recognized as “dupes”. These products have a better price and sometimes even better quality. Here are the best drugstore products for your everyday makeup routine! 

Step 1: Primer 

The key to a flawless base is a good primer, which creates a smooth canvas for your makeup. There are many different primers in the makeup industry, for oily skin, dry skin, and even combination skin. Elf Cosmetics has a variety of primers including their best seller: Putty Poreless Primer! Not only is this primer super affordable ($10), but it works! Having oily skin myself, I was determined to find a primer that covered my pores as much as possible, and Elf’s poreless primer did not disappoint! The Luminous Putty Primer gives a glowy finish to dry skin, and The Acne Prone Putty Primer with 1.8% Salicylic acid prevents future breakouts for acne-prone skin! 

Step 2: Foundation 

The next stop down our drugstore makeup train is foundation! Foundation can be anything including your favorite concealer, skin tints and liquid filters. However, the foundation we’ll be talking about today is the OG Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. The Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation comes in 40 different shades. Yes! 40 different shades ranging from Porcelain 110 to Espresso 380. This foundation is just $8.99, and although the price is low the quality is high! Since we’re talking about The Maybelline Fit Me foundation, it’s only right we talk about the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer as well. For $7.49, this concealer conceals redness, flaws, and blemishes to achieve a more flawless skin complexion! It’s also lightweight and buildable, perfect for that “no makeup” makeup look! 

Step 3: Concealer 

This next product is so versatile, you can use it to cover up dark spots, conceal, bronze, and even cover redness! The L.A. Girl Hd Pro Concealer is only $5 AND has color-correcting shades. The best part of this product is how easy it is to blend, giving you a glowy natural finish. The L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in shade Beautiful Bronze is my go-to liquid bronzer, and the Peach color-correcting shade hides my dark spots perfectly! 

Step 4: Setting

The next steps are setting spray and setting powder. Depending on if you’d like a glowy or matte finish you can use either separately, however, they can both be used in the same routine! The best drugstore setting powder is The Maybelline Fit me Loose Finishing Powder for $8.49. This powder will have your face set all day and never make you look cakey! The next best thing is setting spray. There are so many good setting sprays, it was hard to narrow down the best. I came to the conclusion that the E.l.f Cosmetics Matte Mist & Set ($6.00) setting spray is top tier. This setting spray locks in all of the product sitting on your face, including setting power! 

Step 5: Blush

Blush is my holy grail. Truth be told, I used to hate it and thought it made me look like a clown, until I found the perfect shade! Revlon Powder Blush in shade 001 Oh Baby Pink, is the perfect soft pink everyone needs! In my opinion, it’s the powdered version of the Rare Beauty blush in shade Hope, which is also amazing. This blush is $11.99 and perfect for your everyday look! 

Step 5: Brows

Now onto brows, for someone like me who has light eyebrows, I needed to find an eyebrow pencil to incorporate into my makeup routine! The e.l.f products I had were my favorite so I tried the Instant Lift Brow Pencil by e.l.f Cosmetics and never stopped purchasing it! It has a spoolie on one end and a retractable brow pencil on the other, perfect for shaping and brushing brows for only $3.00. If you’re someone who prefers a soapy brow look, The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler by NYX makes my brows stay up all day for $9.00. This brow glue has survived the pool, sweat, and even a nap (from experience).

Finishing Touches

Now onto the finishing touches of a makeup look! People are naturally drawn to eyes, and mascara emphasizes lashes, giving either a cat eye, baby doll, or natural effect. The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Mascara ($4.99) has given my lashes a whole new look. The spoolie brush is long and curved to easily connect with your eye shape, adding on to your natural beauty! The last best drugstore product is the NYX Butter Gloss! This $5.00 lip gloss is amazing due to its shades, texture, and consistency. 

Whether you’re a baddie on a budget or a baddie looking to spend some money, there’s makeup for everyone!

Solei Carrasco

St. John's '26

Atl-NY Public Relations Major 🫶🏼 Lover of makeup, traveling, and food! All socials @ Soleijasmine 💕