Best On Campus Study Spots

It’s that time of year again, we’re all in a mad scramble to turn in any late assignments before the end of the semester. We can see summer just on the horizon but first, we have to get through finals. We all have different ways of studying so we’ve gathered a list of the best places to study on campus.

  1. For the person who needs near dead silence – Belson Hall lobby.

    I know the lobby of any building may seem like an odd place to study but if there’s one building to do it in, Belson Hall (aka the law school) is it. While people do come and go from Belson Hall, it’s still a surprisingly quiet area, entering through the main lobby you’ll see law students and even undergrad students reading or writing a paper on one of the lobby couches. An added bonus to this study space is that the law school café is just downstairs for when you need a meal/snack break!

  2. For the one looking for a quiet oasis – the Fireplace Patio (minus the snow).

    You may think you don’t know the place but you do, you’ve likely been there many nights trying to run there before meal exchange ends. That’s right, I’m talking about the patio outside of St. Vinny’s that houses the entrance to the Red Storm Diner. Now that the weather if finally resembling springtime, this is the perfect place to bring your copy of Plato’s Republic and annotate it until you can’t see the original text, in preparation for Professor Clark’s philosophy final.

  3. For the person trying not to be found – Sullivan Basement

    Sometimes it’s not enough to have a quiet space to study, sometimes you need to be completely alone in a room with no distractions. If you have a ten page paper that’s due in a few days or you need to cram for an upcoming test head over to the basement of Sullivan and put your phone on do not disturb until it’s done.

  4. For the coffee addict – DAC Coffeehouse.

    The college stereotype of living off nothing but coffee during finals is actually pretty accurate for some people, maybe you’re one of those people. Normally the Starbucks in DAC closes at 10PM during the week but during finals those hours are extended to 1-2AM. For the students that are going to be pulling all nighters every night of finals week with help from your best friend, caramel macchiato with a double shot of espresso, then this is where you need to be.

  5. For the one in need of inspiration – Fourth floor of DAC.

    One of the most photographed areas on campus is the top of the great stairs where you can see the Manhattan skyline but there’s somewhere on campus that has an even more spectacular view of that skyline. The Manhattan skyline is one of the most iconic skylines one of the best views of that skyline is the view from the fourth floor of DAC, in front of the ballroom. Maybe you can’t figure out a topic for your English paper; spending the afternoon with your books with the skyline as your background just might bring you that much needed inspiration.

  6. For the traditionalist – The library.

    Maybe a new study spot isn’t for you; maybe you have your favorite study cubicle in the quiet study room and don’t wanna give it up. If studying at the library has worked for you before during finals then continue to do what works for you and if you need a snack break, head down to the Red Mango/Library Café on the first floor!