Ashly Mirador '17

Name: Ashly Nair Mirador

Hometown: Hayward, CA

Year: 3rd

Major: Legal Studies

Favorite Movie: Fast and The Furious

Favorite place on campus: The top of the great stairs where you can see the skyline

Why St. John’s?I needed to explore the world. My world was very limited after I was diagnosed with epilepsy, and I felt that I shouldn’t limit my life or myself because of my medical condition.

Has it been difficult going to school so far away from your family?Yes and no. Yes because I am very close to my family and when I was a freshman it was very hard on me to make such a huge transition. No because I have made friends/ sisters who have helped me through my transition period and always make sure I never feel alone.

What’s an interesting fact about you that not many people know?I did martial arts all my life growing up, and I am a 3 time junior Olympic national champion in Olympic style tae kwon do.

Of all the memories you’ve made here, which one stands out as your favorite?My favorite memory is a recent one. I went out to dinner with all of my friends and I realized that there were a ton of people with me from different social groups, who had never met each other before, but all came together to celebrate my birthday and all became friends after that night they all walk around campus and talk and say hi to each other.

If you had to go through the college admissions process all over again, would you still choose St. John’s?Yes, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else to be honest

What are you plans after graduation?Law school and maybe moving out to NY permanently