Andrea Colombo '15


Name: Andrea Colombo 

Birthday: The 23rd of November 1995

Hometown: Milano, Italy

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Finance

Plans after college (graduation): Work towards and MBA in Economics and Finance so that I can work in Ny

Favorite place on campus: Belson Stadium because of soccer 

Favorite Color: Blue and Black because of my favorite soccer team, FC Inter. Also White and Red becuase they symbolize love. Basically I like every color aside from the dark ones.

Interesting fact: In Italy when I was in high school I used to dress nice and every time I was wearing something new one of my classmates would copy it almost immeditly. He even copied the way that I rolled my pants and did my hair. My style shows my personality and I think by him coping me it didn't allow him to have his own personality. 

Hobby: I wouldn't consider soccer my hobby. It's been my work so far in my life. Literally having practice everyday required so much commitment and dedication. Golf is really my hobby. I started practicing it 2 years ago and immediatley fell in love with it. i wish I could have more time to play golf. 

Favorite movie: True Lies directed by James Cameron 

Favorite genere of music: "commerical" popular music, like hip hop and dance music.