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A Criminally Underrated Show that EVERYONE Needs to Watch

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m in my T.V. era. I’ve just been craving a great show to reel me in and consume me for about a week or two. If you’re in your T.V. era like me, then I have the perfect show for you. 

I hope you guys have an HBO Max subscription (or you can ask for your friends’ passwords) because the Max original Search Party will grab you by the hand and never let you go. Now I will warn you, after watching this show, you will struggle immensely trying to find another show that could possibly compare. 

The show follows a woman named Dory Sief, and her group of friends. They all reside in Brooklyn, and they met while attending college together. The group is in their mid-late 20s, and Dory’s life is at a stand still. She doesn’t really have anything going on for her like her friends and boyfriend do. So when one of her “mysterious” classmates from college goes missing, she invests all of her time and energy into finding her.

The show goes way beyond a deep search for a missing ex-peer. There’s murder, love triangles, pure stupidity, hostage situations, hilarious moments through and through, and a ton of other aspects that’ll leave you wanting to watch more. 

The series consists of five seasons, each with ten 20-30 minute episodes. It is the perfect binge-worthy show, especially for those with short attention spans like myself. 

All seasons were absolutely amazing and executed perfectly. Song choice, cinematography, creativity, pacing, and acting were all A1. As a film and T.V. lover, these are all characteristics that I look for to be done to a certain standard. 

Now, it’s hard to review and talk about this show because I don’t want to give any spoilers, but this series takes its audience on a wild ride. If anyone would have told me the show was going to end the way that it did, I would’ve never believed them. Every season has a new twist and quirk about it. 

Everyone, go watch this amazing show! You definitely won’t regret it and you can thank me if you’d like. Happy watching!

Amaiya Sancho

St. John's '25

Hi! My name is Amaiya Sancho, I'm from Columbia, Maryland, and I am a writer for Her Campus St. John’s. I am a Communications major, and I am minoring in Social Justice. I'll work in the film industry someday, writing scripts and maybe producing and acting. I was a writer and sports/arts Editor for my high school newspaper, and I'm more than excited to be apart of HerCampus.
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