7 Summer Essentials (featuring the HC Summer Survival Kit)

Congratulations, collegiettes! You've made it through the semester and are itching for summer break to start but before you break out your bikini, here are a few summer essentials to make this the best summer ever.
  1. ChipotleChipotle is not just a chain restaurant; it’s a way of life. Many try to imitate it (looking at you Sono) but none can truly compare to the original.
  2. Chloe + Isabel JewelryNo better way to dress up a casual outfit than with a piece of jewelry! Chloe + Isabel off some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry we’ve ever seen.
  3. Crunch Live membershipWe all want that ideal summer body but we don’t always have time to go to the gym. Thanks to Crunch Gym Live, you can fit in quickie 15 minute workouts in the comfort of your own home by watching their workout videos!
  4. Shiny Blink tattoosSummer means showing off the skin that was kept under multiple layers since October. Add a little sparkle to your look with these amazing temporary tattoos.
  5. A summer Boohoo wardrobeFor the lovers of Tobi, H&M and Nasty Gal, meet your newest obsession Boohoo. I was first introduced to boohoo during College Fashion Week 2014 and let me tell you, their clothes are amazing!
  6. Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin In our four years of college, we will all inevitably go through the “broke college kid struggle”. Even after college, we won’t walk out into the real world and be financially stable from day one. Nicole Lapin provides one of the most helpful and straightforward guides to financial stability.
  7. The Her Campus Guide to College LifeWhether you’re an incoming freshman or a junior entering her senior year of college, the Her Campus Guide to College Life will teach you a few tips and tricks for getting along with your roommates and landing the perfect internship.