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5 Ways to Stay Positive During Finals Season

It’s that time of year again, ladies: finals season. Those very 2 words bring feelings of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety to many, if not all, college students. Thoughts of failing classes, the (very real) possibility of getting no sleep, and the fear that all your work throughout the semester amounting to nothing, are just a few of the things that might be going through your head. They also all contribute to a lot of negativity. Here are 5 ways to get rid of that negativity and stay positive, even during finals.


I know, this may seem a bit random to start with, but freewriting is a great way to acknowledge any negative thoughts that you may have and rid your mind of that negativity. By writing down your negative thoughts, you are essentially transferring it from your head to paper and you can make room for more positive thoughts. 

Pace yourself

Trust me, I know pacing yourself during finals can be difficult. You might be tempted to get as much done as possible at one time, but DON’T. Remember that it’s called finals season for a reason; it’s for a whole season, not just for a week. Take all the time you need to do your best and work on your inner positivity for getting even a little done a day. 


…And have fun with it! Take your time planning out your study and work schedule and use it as a form of self-care. Treat yourself to a new planner or a fresh pack of fancy markers or stickers for the finals season. By planning, you can reassure yourself that you have everything under control and that you can tackle whatever comes your way.

Get good sleep

Probably one of the most important things to do year-round is to get good, quality sleep. This is even more true during a stressful time like finals. Listen to your body when it tells you that you’re tired and actually go to bed. Don’t be afraid to sneak in a few naps either, you totally deserve it! You think so much clearer with good rest, so get in those ZZZZ’s.

Reward yourself

Don’t wait until after finals season to reward and treat yourself! Did you study for 4 straight hours? Treat yourself to a manicure! Did you finally turn in that 10-page paper? Order in your favorite dinner! Remind yourself of how amazing you are and how much you’re really capable of.

So there you have it, a few ways to stay positive during finals season. These are also great for the whole school year, and all the time! Good luck on finals everyone and remember to stay positive, you got this!

Taylor is a Senior English major at St. John's University. After college, she plans on pursuing graduate school and a career in Higher Education Administration.