5 Ways to Live More Sustainably

How You Can Save the Planet

The world is in trouble and since it is so is everyone else as well because without earth there is no known way to survive. It has become an urgent and pressing issue for those who see how rapidly humans are depleting the earth of its resources. Due to human waste, pollution and sheer ignorance humans have the Ability to go through a year’s worth of resources in a few months. So what does that mean for humanity and the lives of everything else that inhabits this planet? Well, it means that if everyone as a whole doesn’t slow down and agree on a way to replenish our resources everyone will die alongside the planet. On a lighter note though every person that decides to change their ways can affect some change and really benefit the planet. There are a number of organizations that advocate for fighting for sustainability and the understanding that society needs to change its ways before it is too late.


Here are five different ways one can really change their lifestyles and help the planet at the same time:

Stop Using Plastic

Honestly, this is number one because this is the hardest to do, due to the fact that plastic is so heavily embedded in everyday life. Everyone doesn’t even realize that cup drink and the wrappings of their lunch are completely avoidable. First off try to start cooking at home because the more you eat out the more waste you are likely to create. Most parts of the country have not taken any active efforts to ban the use of plastic in any kind of industry, but states like California have. The more you remember to bring a reusable cup with a straw and an extra grocery bag you will eliminate a large amount of your waste.

Buy Food Without Packaging

Again you really do not think about this when you are at the grocery store, really because it is so normal. Think about the boxes or bags your food comes in and maybe the little packaging within. It is normal for each person to make about two pounds of trash a day, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize that is an average of 14 pounds a week. So try to make some of your favorite snacks, instead of buying cupped fruit try cutting up fruit on your own. If you invest in glass containers you will save on plastic and money in the long run. If it is chips then do it the old fashioned way and cut up a potato. Remember though making your food will be cost efficient, however, it will spoil faster due to the lack of preservatives.  

Start Composting and Gardening

Food waste is a huge issue because no one thinks about food being a renewable resource because people aren’t taught much about gardening and farming anymore. If people begin to garden more then here would just be less of a need to go to the grocery store and less food to waste. A good idea to start with things that won’t take a lot of water or sunlight just so you get used to caring for a plant. Expand as you please planting fresh herbs, spices, and basic fruit will change your life. Not only can you really change up some recipes, but also try out your green thumb.

Eat Less Meat

This is a huge one because the waste that is caused by the demand for meat is ridiculous. People were not meant to eat meat with every meal nor do they need to and they don’t have to. Eat as often as you’d like or less, but it should be known that the carbon footprint the meat industry has on the world is a big one. So, the less meat people eat the better.

Shop Second-hand

If you aren’t already a regular at your local thrift shops then you need to start asap, because I promise you are going to find so much. Just from thrifting, I have found coats, leather boots, levis cut offs and more. It amazes me that it was so taboo to buy secondhand and still is for some people. Some of the best pieces come from something that is in great condition and probably over 50% off. The best part of it is no one has to know about the steal except for you and if you want to flex on them because of the money you saved then do. Some national thrift store chains are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads and more. So Swing by your local thrift store and see what’s good.

There are a number of ways people can start treating this Earth better and a number of ways everyone can start to reverse the damage they caused. So go buy a bamboo toothbrush and start the journey to sustainability.