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5 Stages of Getting your Little

1. Seeing your name on the ‘Potential Bigs’ list.

You thought this day would never come. You enjoy being a twin and being a little. Do you really NEED a little of your own? Soon enough, you start to get excited. She will be YOUR little! It’s like raising your own perfect Theta Phi.

2. Meeting all the New Members.

AKA: Making them love you. This may be hard, but soon enough you have gone on 30 sister dates in a matter of two weeks and are ready to flirt with them again. For three hours. Every night. For a week. Easy… right?

3. Crafting for your potential Little.

Sorority girls are supposed to “know” how to craft and a large percentage of us do know and love to craft but then there are the 5% who just can’t. Honestly, just pay someone. There is bound to be a sister who can throw a few canvases together for you for under $20. Your future Little will appreciate it.

4. The Waiting Game.

Trying to wait 24 hours to find out who your Little is, is within the Top 5 Hardest things to do in College. You just want to KNOW already! 

5. Finding out who she is!

It’s time! Standing in the other room waiting for you is your future. Your organizations future! Your Little is so close, but are you ready? Can you handle guiding a New Member into your Sisterhood? You got this! You have waited 1, 2, or 3 semesters for this! You know what it takes to be a big. 

A Junior at St. John's Univerity, President of Theta Phi Alpha- Alpha Epsilon Chapter, and Public Relations Chair for SGI! I am very involved on campus, and it's rare to find me anywhere else!  Originally from San Francisco, I am now an east coast lover! My major is Public Relations, and I aspire to be a college admissions counselor or a corporate recuiter!  Find me studying in DAC, hanging out with my sisters on the Great Lawn, or in line at Dunkin'!
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