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5 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix Over Break

Now that finals are over, the real fun of break can begin. That of course would be the art of binge-watching. With all the streaming platforms and countless shows to choose from, there are more than enough shows out there to keep you busy during the break. Here are my top 5 that I enjoyed and think that you will too. These are all available on Netflix!1. Cobra Kai- Recommended to me by a friend, Cobra Kai has easily become one of my favorite shows. If you loved the Karate Kid franchise, then this one is sure to be a hit. Following the lives of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence along with their own children, Cobra Kai takes you on a journey of redemption and unlikely friendship with twists at every turn. Season 3 comes out in January of 2021!2. The Crown – Praised by many and for good reason, The Crown begins by following the story of Queen Elizabeth and her family during her earlier reign. Each season documents a different time period and season of her life. Did I mention the acting is AMAZING?3. On My Block- On My Block is everything you could ever want in a coming-of-age tv show. It’s sure to make you cry, laugh, and probably re-watch it multiple times.
4. All American- Speaking of shows about teenagers, All American combines football, family, and California into one big drama that is full of surprises. If you’re looking for a sports drama; this is the show for you5. The Haunting of Hill House- Finally, if scary is more your thing, I recommend you check out The Haunting of Hill House. It follows the story of a family that moves into an eerie mansion. (Spoiler alert: They end up getting way more than what they asked for.)I hope that you find these shows enjoyable and that they keep you busy over the break! Happy Holidays and have fun binge watching (you deserve it)!
Taylor is a Junior English major at St. John's University and the Editor-in-Chief/Vice President for 2021-2022 at Her Campus, St. John's. After college she plans on pursuing a career in the humanities and exploring the art of communication in diverse settings.
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