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5 Lessons We Can All Learn From Beyonce’s Lemonade

In case you weren’t aware on April 23rd 2016, (almost exactly four years ago) Beyonce dropped her award winning and iconic album, Lemonade. As a Beyonce fan from birth, (seriously, there are videos of me having full fledged performances of Single ladies at the age of eight) this album changed the way I thought about music and surprisingly, myself. It was revealed that the OTP and couple goals of many had some secrets of their own and were not so perfect after all. Personally, I think Beyonce revealing the not so picture perfect aspects of her life was one of the best things she could have done. I could write a doctoral thesis on this album, but I’ll narrow it down to 5 lessons we can learn from this masterpiece.


1. It’s important to remember and be thankful for the past

Beyonce reminds us that although the past may hurt, it is important to reminisce and learn from experiences. Not everything we go through in life will feel great, but everything we go through will mold us into who we are meant to become. Learn from experiences, don’t run.

2. Trust your intuition

When something or someone doesn’t feel right, trust yourself girl! Never go along with anything you don’t feel comfortable with or disregard how you really feel about a situation or person to take the easy way out. You know yourself better than anyone.

3. It’s okay to not be sorry

Sometimes, we go through traumatic situations that cause shame, guilt, and inexplicable pain (especially in our romantic relationships). Often, the best way to heal is to turn your back and walk away unapologetically. You have the right to be angry and unapologetic. Stop making excuses and do what you need to do.

4. Self love is the best love

If you give and give a certain amount of yourself without getting anything in return, you will run yourself into the ground. A relationship requires love from both sides, so if you’re not getting what you need, get out. Never feel pressured to commit to someone, if you aren’t fully comfortable with yourself. You can’t love other people if you don’t love yourself first.

5. Don’t forget where you came from

Our roots lie within our families, our homes, and our cultures; all things Beyonce deems essential to who she is, and we should too. No matter how successful we may become, we owe it to where we came from and the people who raised us, even if it wasn’t always a perfect situation. Just be humble.

Taylor is a Junior English major at St. John's University and the Editor-in-Chief/Vice President for 2021-2022 at Her Campus, St. John's. After college she plans on pursuing a career in the humanities and exploring the art of communication in diverse settings.
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