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Over the course of the pandemic and the inevitable and hateable year of 2020, skincare and beauty have come to the forefront since everyone was able to not only share what they were doing on social media but encourage others to use their creativity when it came to creating new makeup looks. 

Here are some of my favorite looks and trends that will not only inspire you but maybe encourage you to get back into makeup as I did! 

Soap Brows

With keeping your brows natural but prominent, soap brows allow you to show off your eyes and keep more of a natural rather than a block brow. 

Bold lips

With such neutral eyes, a bold lip takes an amazing pop of color to allow either a transformation of mood or even channeling your favorite celebrities with red or even a colored gloss. 

Blue eyeshadow

Colorful eyeshadow, especially our undervalued and overlooked cool color of blue as been on the rise in makeup looks. 

Dewy skin

Usually when we hear “dewy skin”, we start to panic since we think that our skin imperfections come to the forefront but it allows such a beautiful natural, glowing look for spring and summer. 

Expressive eyeliner

Taking wings to another level has been on the rise due to colorful eyeliner pencils have been released. 

Nostalgic makeup 

Makeup looks from the 1980s all the way to the early 2000s have been making a comeback but with a modern twist of brighter colors and more defined liner. 

Natural false lashes

Since the natural look is coming back, bigger and bolder lashes have been on their way out this year. 

Colored mascara

With colorful mascara and a bold eye look, your makeup will truly stand out. 

Grey based smokey eyes 

Rather than a full dark smokey eye, shades of light grey over brown have been a hot favorite recently! 

Fake freckles

Since natural skin is in, those who do not have natural freckles have been drawing them on. 



I hope this list makes you inspired to start doing makeup again or to start being creative! 

Ivy Bourke

St. John's '23

Campus Correspondent for St. John's. I am a Sports Management major with a concentration in Business Administration, and a minor in Journalism. My passion for writing has never dulled so I hope to always use this passion for entertainment, and change.
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