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Why Your Ex Dating Someone New Actually Rocks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Edward's chapter.

In this blog I’m going to use solely Rachel Green gifs because well she’s a queen ’nuff said

So, your ex is dating someone new. Your stomach probably drops whenever this crosses your mind and you start playing the comparison game.


When Your Ex Posts About His New Gf

Even if you ended on great terms with someone, it absolutely sucks seeing them post online about the new person they’re dating. You may begin jealously resenting this stranger and trying to find some flaws. And if you don’t know the gal, which is usually the case, that means finding physical flaws and discrediting her as a person because she has an ugly you name it- nose, face, side bangs, whatever else your jealous self comes up with.

Girls support girls

Yes, even if that girl is dating someone you used to, don’t waste energy hating someone because they’re in your ex’s orbit. AND stop reducing girls’ worth to their appearance, we know that’s just a load of bull****.

Cyberstalking your ex’s new girlfriend and consequently judging her will make you re-examine where you’re lacking when it comes to kindness/maturity. You can try and grow as a person from this little misstep. 


When Your Ex Breadcrumbs You

Finding out that an ex is FBO with someone new sucks, and for me it sucked all the more because a day before he had continued to text stuff like:

“I really miss you sometimes”

while he was already well into a relationship with this new gal, but failed to let me know that was still happening…

If this is applicable and your ex is attempting to keep your interest peaked just enough that you’re available as a back-up option? Drop him. You’re no one’s second choice. 

You deserve way more than slimy boys hitting you up when they’re bored and letting you know they “miss you sometimes”. That’s honestly so disrespectful to you AND to the new person in their life! You can take solace in knowing that that person is kind of scummy and you dodged a bullet.


When Your Ex Is a Serial Monogamist

When my ex was drunkenly talking to me about his now girlfriend one night he said “she’s kind of subpar, and not really that great” after he first met her a week after we ended, but now they’re dating, and it confirms the theory- yes he will date someone just to avoid being single. I’m sure this girl is actually a gem, and this boy with the 0.4 GPA is too dumb to really see that…


If you also have dated someone with a track record of 20-30 relationships- take a sigh of relief, you don’t have to question if you were just there to kill his loneliness anymore; in fact you don’t have to stress over any of it anymore!!!! That boy is not your problem.

Once you start realizing that, you can laugh it off and move tf on, babe. 





Before I dated the person who inspired this spicy blog, I carried a tootsie pop everywhere I went. This is kinda my signature thing, it’s a random external sign that I’m happy in life when you see me sucking on a lollipop (I buy them in bulk off Amazon). After finding out my ex had moved on, I found myself taking tootsie pops with me everywhere again.

Why am I bringing this up- well because consciously you may still think that this just sucks, but deep down you KNOW this is a blessing. Your ego is just kinda pissed at the moment, once that passes, you’ll be so so grateful for this. Also, say some prayers for that sweet new girl who doesn’t know what she’s in for yet. 






Hannah Saada

St Edward's '18

Hannah is passionate about gender equity and is a Marketing major at St. Edward's University. She's currently the President for HC at her university. Friends can attest she's a serious Netflix addict and 80s movies are close to her heart. When she's not binge watching a new show, you'll either catch her reading or laughing at terrible puns. [S]he's a righteous dude. Follow Hannah on Instagram at @han_saada