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Why We Should Add Greek Life at St. Ed’s

At St. Ed’s, we do not have any form of Greek life aside from our honors society. I believe that adding Greek life can be an asset to our school, creating a close knit community on campus! Great models that would be good to follow would be St. Mary’s University and Southwestern University, both being smaller private universities. Here are a few reasons why I think having Greek life would be a wonderful addition to SEU!


Built-in Friends

College can often be intimidating, especially when going in and not knowing anyone. Greek life can provide these built-in friends by having new brothers and sisters. Everyone goes through pledging together! You get to meet like-minded people and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Connections, Connections, Connections

Being a smaller school, having nationwide or even statewide connections can be difficult, but by being in Greek life having connections is so much easier. Greek life is nationwide and when you join a fraternity or sorority you are automatically given thousands of brothers and sisters aka thousands of connections, thousands of people who you have something in common with. Connections open many many doors, especially in the business world!

 Accountability: Grades and Community Service  

Unlike most clubs, Greek life requires students to hold a certain GPA and academic standing in order to participate. This is just another incentive for students to keep up with their grades. I believe volunteerism and philanthropy is something that EVERYONE should be involved in someway somehow and Greek life requires this! Greek life requires their members to go out in their community and serve! This is another great way to get students more involved in their community!

Other Reasons

  • Stops SEU boys from joining UT Greek life and become more invested and involved with the St. Ed’s community

  • Gives girls the option to join Greek life (unlike the guys, SEU girls are unable to rush UT Greek Life)

  • Gives students a more of a reason to become involved on campus

  • More leadership opportunities

  • More scholarship opportunities


At the end of the day, I believe adding Greek life would be a major plus to the university and give students more of an ability to become more connected on campus. Plus, we have two great role models to model our Greek life on! What are y’all’s thoughts?


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