Upcoming Activities on Campus

Interested in getting more involved on campus? Just need something to do tonight? Check out these upcoming events!

October 22nd, 7:30pm, Mabee Ballrooms (free) Songs of the Heavenly Harp Performed by St. Edward’s University Chorale and Madrigal Chamber Singers

October 23rd, 6pm, Fleck 305 (pizza and drinks provided) Which Way Home Which Way Home shows the personal side of immigration through the eyes of children who face harrowing dangers with enormous courage and resourcefulness as they endeavor to make it to the United States.

Week of October 23rd – It’s On Us Action Week Purple Thursday  Organizations are welcome to attend for the chance to win a box of donuts! Get the toolkit: https://stedwards.box.com/s/vytrd6zi36omcunqc9coyytzy8uofjq5

October 24th, 12-1pm, Fleck Hall, Room 204 (lunch provided) Pope Francis: Prophet or Heretic? Several dozen priests, scholars and writers have published what they described as a “filial correction” of some of Pope Francis’ teaching about marriage as found in the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) (April 2016).  Amoris Laetitia is Pope Francis’ reflection on the discussion, debate and suggestions raised during the 2014 and 2015 meetings of the Synod of Bishops on the family. The “filial correction” focused on the section of document dealing with pastoral practice titled “Accompanying, Discerning and Integrating Weakness (Chapter 8). The “filial correction” was delivered to Pope Francis in August; the writers said they did not receive a response, so they released it publicly September 24th, launching a web site: www.correctiofilialis.org. What does this “filial correction” suggest about the orthodoxy of Pope Francis? Let’s explore… RSVP at bit.ly/2xyhHjY for a free lunch.

October 24th, 5pm, Carter Auditorium, presented by Dr. Ricky Cothran, Assistant professor of Biology, Oklahoma State University (pizza served between 4:30 and 5pm in the lobby) Can they all get along? An assessment of the ability of cryptic amphipod species to coexist.

October 26th, 7pm, Jo’s Coffee Shop, presented by It’s On Us and the SEU Psychological Society Art Night  Please fill out this form to participate: bit.ly/seuartnight

October 26th, 11am-1:30pm, Ragsdale Lawn Discover Japan Come enjoy delicious mochi ice cream and watch Japanese martial arts from the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin. This is also a great opportunity to learn about studying abroad in Japan!

October 26th, 12-1pm, Mabee Ballroom B (lunch with vegetarian options will be provided with an RSVP) Center for Ethics & Leadership Fusion Discussion: Abortion and Social Justice The Center for Ethics and Leadership invites current students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and guests to a lunchtime discussion of abortion and social justice. Recommended reading: https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/abortion-social-justice. If you are liberal or progressive on poverty, war, the death penalty, climate change, child care or immigration policy, today's Fusion author claims you should also be pro-life on abortion because the "bedrock moral conviction" central to all these positions is that "we do not solve our social problems by killing the weakest and most vulnerable among us." Put another way, today's Fusion writer insists "easy access to abortion actually allows individual men and society in general to evade their responsibility to prioritize the welfare of women and children" and thus "does not advance the movement for social justice."

October 27th, 10-11am, Mabee Ballroom A (coffee and donuts provided) Conversations on Xenophobia Using a table discussion format, this event will focus on discussion of concepts such as xenophobia, stereotyping, "otherization" and other issues that impact the social environment.  

October 28th, 8am-2pm, Mabee Ballrooms (food and transportation provided) Founder’s Day Service Project Register before midnight on October 23rd at bit.ly/registerserve1day

November 2nd, 7-9pm, Jones Auditorium, co-sponsored by the Social Justice LLC, The Center for Ethics and Leadership, and The University Programming Board Ramy Essam Performance & Lecture Egypt’s Ramy Essam exploded into international fame as the real voice of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. He performed in front of millions of people in Tamrir Square. And his music became the soundtrack of a whole generation of his countrymen and women struggling for a better life and a more just society. But fame came with a heavy price. Ramy experienced brutal torture and arrests that were meant to silence his voice. His songs were banned and he was forbidden to perform publicly. In 2014, Sweden offered him a safe haven—and with his voice freed, he’s toured and released rock-influenced recordings that prove he remains one of the loudest voices for the young generation in Egypt and their fight for a progressive and modern society. RSVP at BIT.LY/2HDX5MG

November 9th, 5-7pm, Jones Auditorium, part of the Topper Tech Talks series, presented by OIT Adobe: “Adobe Creative Cloud. What is it?”

Every Friday, 3-5pm, JBWS 266 APOP Find your fix for all things Asia!