Tips For the Fall & Winter Weather!

Here are some beauty tips to get you through the season!

Lip Scrub

As we approach the colder weather, our lips tend to get chapped a lot more easily. I always have a problem with chapped lips especially in the cold weather. And taking some extra steps can help keep our lips moisturized. The biggest is to scrub your lips before applying lip balm. The one I like to use is from lush, and it has lasted for a while now. I have a jar from around April/May and its still not halfway empty. So, it's a good investment and tasty as they come in different flavors. What I like to do while doing my makeup is to use the lips scrub and wash it off with warm water, it makes them softer after using the scrub. Then, I'll go ahead and apply lip balm and continue my makeup routine.

Deep condition more often

Not only do our lips get dry due to the colder weather, but also our hair gets dry more frequently. So, to keep our locks nice and moisturized, try attempting to deep condition once to twice a week depending on your hair type. 

Stay Away From Hot Water

Taking frequent hot showers or washing your face with hot water often can take out the essential oils that our skin naturally produces. If this turn out to be the case, then you will always have dry skin. The best way to prevent this in the colder months is to use lukewarm water, stay hydrated, and make sure you moisturizer to keep your skin glowing and hydrated, which of course if always a good foundation before starting your makeup. 

Smoky Eye

In the warmer months we don’t really tend to go for bolder colors as apposed to the colder months. Smoky eyes are very trendy and if you don’t normally wear darker colors, this would be the perfect time to try it out!