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Stephen King Novels Everyone HAS to Read

When you enter Barnes & Noble or Half Price Books and see the section of King books, choosing is daunting to say the least… These are a handful of Stephen King novels that all have rave reviews, and these are ones that deserve a read. 


The Shining 

This was the first Stephen King novel I ever read; and it was when I was reading The Shining that I realized that books CAN INDEED scare you just as much (arguably more) than a horror movie. 

That episode of Friends where Joey is re-reading The Shining, and gets so scared he tosses it in the freezer is actually not that far-fetched, I feel you Joey. 




It is a dauntingly huge book, but one that you definitely need to add to your TBR list. I’m in the middle of this one, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner was spot on calling it “the Moby-Dick of horror novels.”…





Carrie explores the hell-scape that is adolescence, need I say more? 





Pet Sematary 

OK so I haven’t read this one, but I’ve seen the movie, and it’s scarier than the name leads you to believe trust me. 




Lisey’s Story 

Lisey’s Story doesn’t fall into the same genre norms as King’s other books, and that is partially why so many fans hold this book up in such high esteem. This is a complicated look into a marriage and it is so well done.

Hannah Saada

St Edward's '18

Hannah is passionate about gender equity and is a Marketing major at St. Edward's University. She's currently the President for HC at her university. Friends can attest she's a serious Netflix addict and 80s movies are close to her heart. When she's not binge watching a new show, you'll either catch her reading or laughing at terrible puns. [S]he's a righteous dude. Follow Hannah on Instagram at @han_saada
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