Some Things I've Learned Working at Smoothie King

Your attitude is contagious

I know you may not put any thought to being on the phone while ordering or snapping at an employee because they got your name wrong, but you're most likely the 232nd person to do that to them today... We're not here to make your day any harder than it has been, trust me- but we get tired too, and unfortunately, we're not superhuman and your negativity will get to us at some point. Take the few seconds you're telling us your order to remember you're talking to a person. We really appreciate the occasional eye contact.


Our smoothies are no replacement for a salad...

Smoothie King was built on the vision that these smoothies could be healthy meal replacements for people on the go leading an active lifestyle. However, smoothies are fruit based, and all our fruits need to have a longer shelf life, so they are juices with A LOT of added sugar. And we also add turbinado (raw cane sugar) and sometimes frozen yogurt (more sugar). So, you're getting sugar in a cup. We do have wellness blends with some vegetables and less or no added sugar- but the fact of the matter is, is our smoothies taste good because they have your daily recommended sugar intake. This is me on the inside when people ask what they should order and they're on a 0 sugar diet...water?


This job is humbling

I'm lucky that I never had to work to put myself through high school or now college, I got this job so I would have extra side cash and to save some money for post-grad. I quickly learned that this job is exhausting, every night from 4 PM to 10 PM, I'm running around making smoothies, taking orders, peeling hundreds of bananas, cleaning dishes, sweeping and mopping every inch of the store, cleaning the men's bathroom (the bane of my existence), taking out loads of trash- my back is in excruciating pain by the end of each day. But every two weeks when I get that direct deposit, I KNOW I earned every cent. 

Please tip

It's not standard to tip at places that aren't sit-down restaurants, but if you took 15 minutes to figure out your order, came in at 8:58 PM and we close at 9 PM, or just have an excess of coins- you know what to do.