Sixteen of the Most Memorable Ross and Rachel Moments on "Friends"

"See?! He's her lobster!"
It's been 20 years since the series premiere of Friends, and 10 years since the finale. In honor of the 20th Anniversary, fans in the Manhattan SoHo area can stop by by the Central Perk coffee bar, which opened in September and will remain open until October 18th. 
Ever since Season 1, fans of the series started rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together, and for 10 seasons, we wondered: Will they? Won't they? Will they again?
Ross and Rachel were on-again, off-again too many times to count, yet even when they were just friends, they were still always there for each other. Throughout the series, Ross and Rachel had some pretty great moments--after all, he is her lobster!
So, in chronological order, here are some of our favorite Ross and Rachel moments!
1. The one where Rachel thanks Ross by kissing him...
...and Ross can't even handle it.
2. The one where Ross finds out Rachel is "under" him...
...and they have an amazing first kiss in Central Perk.
3. The one where Rachel finds out Ross was going to take her to her high school prom, and they officially begin their relationship.
4. The one where they first say, "I love you."
5. The one where Ross uses "we were on a break" as an excuse, which happens quite a lot throughout the series.
6. The one where Ross says Rachel's name instead of Emily's...
...and Rachel is all:


7. The one where Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas...

...and they wake up with a killer hangover the next morning.

8. The one where Rachel tries to steal Monica's thunder by sleeping with Ross.

9. The one where Rachel tells Ross she's pregnant, and this is Ross' reaction:

10. The one where they argue about what to name their baby.

11. The one where Rachel tries to seduce Ross so she'll go into labor.

12. The one where Emma Geller-Green is born.

13. The one where Ross and Rachel are awesome parents and sing "Baby Got Back" to Emma.

14. The one where Rachel doesn't want to say goodbye to Ross.

15. The one where Ross asks Rachel not to go to Paris.

16. The one where Rachel gets off the plane.

*Bonus Gif:

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