Meet Marija with a J!

Everyone meet Marija! This Pflugerville cutie is someone everyone should take notes from! Learn more about Marija and how she manages both school and work below! 

Name: Marija Tadic

Age: 21

Hometown: (Technically, Kresevo, Bosnia; but when people ask, I just say Pflugerville, TX).

Major(s): Criminology; Minor in Pre-Law


 Munday Scholars

Seniors Staying Connected

Alpha Phi Sigma.

Year: Senior

How many hours are you taking: This year, only 15  

What classes are you enrolled in:

Constitutional Criminal Procedure

Legal Ethics

Prosecution & Adjudication

Abnormal Psychology

Social Research

What is your most difficult class and why: My most challenging course this year is Social Research because I haven’t had many classes where I am doing on hands field work/conducting research regarding my major- but it is a good challenge for me, and something I am enjoying doing.

Why did you start working at H-E-B: I started working at H-E-B when I was seventeen because I wanted to have my own money that I could spend on whatever I wanted (including all of the Bath and Body Works candles a girl could dream of).

What made you stay with HEB throughout college: I stayed with H-E-B throughout college because they have been so flexible with my school schedule, my leadership team has continued to challenge me, and I have been given so many opportunities to grow with the company that I would be foolish to leave.

How many hours do you work a week: I work at least thirty- sometimes up to forty hours a week, plus going to school full-time.

What is your position and what do you do: Currently, I am a titled Coverage Lead where my role is to manage store operations on a day to day basis. Essentially, I ensure that the store is running properly at all times, so I act as the Manager in Charge of the store, should anything go wrong with a customer, partner, or department. However, I recently found out I was accepted into the School of Retail Leadership which is a two year program that prepares me to become a top store leader of my own H-E-B.

How long did it take you get there: I have been with the company for four years now, which is a very short time considering how quickly I have transitioned into leadership. I have worked with some of the best people who have always pushed me to be a better leader and person. Despite how young I am, I have been given countless opportunities to grow with the company, and so many people have given me a shot to prove myself. Because of them, I am where I am today.

What makes a good HEB employee: At H-E-B, we call each other “partners” and this is something near and dear to our hearts. A good partner is someone who has a passion for results, a head for business, and most importantly, a heart for people. I always say, you can teach anyone to run financial data and how to run an efficient business- but you can’t teach someone to love to serve, and you can’t teach someone to have a heart for people. Our saying is simple- we do everything we can in every regard simply because people matter. 

What is your favorite thing about working for HEB: My favorite thing about working for H-E-B has been meeting some of the most incredible people in the world. I have had so many people help me grow with the company at such a young age. This company truly embodies a heart for people, they strive to be an integral part in every community we serve, and not many people can say they are happy going to work every day. I don’t work at a grocery store- I help feed Texas families- every single day.  

What is the most difficult thing about working for HEB: The most difficult thing about working for H-E-B has been the amount of commitment required to do the job that I do. Balancing school, work, and a social life is difficult sometimes because I wear so many hats at work. Not only am I a leader and a manager, but I am also a point of contact, a friend, a sister, a mom for my two hundred plus partners. I take my work home with me, and sometimes it becomes difficult to find a work-life balance.

Advice time!

How do you manage both school and working: Honestly, it can be really difficult sometimes. I have to schedule out my week in advance, complete homework before I go into work, schedule in power naps in between classes, and spend time with my friends after I get off of work. I try my best to prioritize what is needed of me in each given day, and that’s honestly all you can do. If I didn't’t love my job or school, it would be hard to give so much time to both. 

What is the best way to schedule your classes to match with a decent work schedule:   The best way to schedule classes is to have classes early in the morning so that I have the freedom to work later in the afternoon. I typically work ten-hour shifts Friday-Sunday, and do a late close (6-11pm) on a Tuesday or Thursday.

What is the best way to manage such a stressful schedule:  The best way to manage a stressful schedule is to remind yourself why you have a stressful schedule. Is it helping you in the long run? Is there some time you can cut back on to give to taking care of yourself? You have to be able to prioritize the things that matter to you, and once you do that, your schedule doesn't’t seem all that hectic because you are meeting all of your needs.

What advice would you give students who want to work and go to class full time:   I would tell them to go for it. I started working when I was a teenager, and I became accustomed to having to plan out my weeks and knowing that I probably wont be free most weekends or holidays to go out and do things with my friends. It’s going to be hard- but if you give a good amount of time to the things you love to do, it is completely manageable. A good work ethic is priceless- so challenge yourself, but don’t overdue it if you see that you are struggling too much. If you get used to working hard and planning out your time now, it will be so much easier to do when you have a career and no school work to do- (it’s like, you have all this free time now…) so work hard now, play a little now, but you will get to play hard later, I promise.

What advice would you give a student who is wanting to work for HEB:  I would, and do, recommend this company to anybody. H-E-B, and the people that work for them, could change your life. I have secured a salaried position before I even graduated school- that career will fulfill all of my needs, as well as my families needs. If you like to be challenged, serve your community, and make a difference in peoples lives, this is a great place to start.


Fun questions!

Best happy hour in Austin: I don’t really drink, but Rio Grande has some of the BEST (and strongest) margaritas- (you have to live a little, right?)

Best drink in Austin: The Rose Room has a really good Cranberry Vodka- but maybe everything just tastes better when you get to have fun with your friends in your favorite (and most painful) heels?

Best coffee shop and drink in Austin: I’m a die hard Starbucks girl- and I am sorry to be basic. However, Dazzle Coffee is my second favorite coffee shop because everyone is so friendly and they let you bring in your dogs, and who doesn’t love that? Their Raspberry RedBull Tea is to die for!

Favorite hiking area in Austin: 360 bridge is always beautiful.

Best place to study on campus: Main Lawn, when the sun is setting, and there are not many students walking around.

Ok most important question, Kerbey or Magnolia queso: I’m lactose intolerant… so that’s awkward. But I love Kerbey, so let’s go with that. 

*Editor's note: We are SO glad you chose Kerbey. (It's my fave) Did you know that they offer VEGAN QUESO! You NEED to try it my friend! 

Marija, you go girl! We are BEYOND proud of you!