A Few Shows To Binge Watch This Winter Break!

These shows are solely based on my preference for shows that I usually enjoy watching when I have free time and some are recommendations are from just popular shows that I hear many people watching! I do hope you enjoy my recommendations and check out some of these shows after finals!

  1. Rick & Morty- Hulu
    1. I would for sure recommend this show especially if you enjoy watching cartoons as much as I do! I would say though it isn’t kid  friendly and I would recommend it for teenagers and up, as some of the episodes are kind of harsh or explicit.  Aside from that it is a great funny show with a good story line.  Also if you don't have a hulu account, I know that you can be able to watch some of the latest shows on adult swim as well.
  2. Parks & Rec- Hulu/Netflix
    1. A great humorous sitcom, I know this show is popular and many of you may have already watch it, but it would great to binge watch if you haven’t already watched it. The first season is a bit slow, but after that, the storyline picks up and the jokes are hilarious. As well as there are 7 seasons and over 15 shows a season, so it's great binge material.
  3. BlindSpot-Hulu
    1. This show reminds me of an action version of criminal minds. So if you enjoy criminal minds or law and order, I would recommend this show. It is a mystery/crime show but there is definitely a lot of action. It is a newer show, and I haven't heard much talk about it, so if you haven't heard of it, definitely go watch the first episode and you'll be hooked.
  4. Fear The Walking Dead- Hulu
    1. Apparently, this show is supposed to be the prequel to The Walking Dead, it doesn't have the same characters nor location but it talks about the lives of different people when an epidemic of zombies first breaks out in California. If you enjoy The Walking Dead, then you will for sure enjoy this. The first few episodes are to build the story so there isn't much action, but later on, there is a lot going on!
  5. The Good Place- Netlfix/Hulu
    1. Definitely feel as this show is underrated, it's different than many shows I've watched or heard of. The storyline follows a woman to the afterlife, and what her life is there, as well as all of the people she meets. It's for sure a drama/comedy show, that's light-hearted.
  6. Casual-Hulu
    1. This show is a hulu original show and I don’t watch too many hulu originals but I do believe that this show is underrated. The storylines revolves around a middle-aged mother, her brother, and their love lives. It is a combination of drama and comedy to make a great well-rounded show, and would definitely recommend if you have Hulu.

I do hope you check out some of these shows and tell your friends, and enjoy them as much as I do. Winter break is great for finally relaxing and enjoying ourselves with a few new shows.