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Campus Cutie: Owain Hoskins

Name: Owain Hoskins
Age: 21
Year: Sophomore
Major:  Communications
Hometown: Southampton, England
Relationship status: Single
Favorite television show: Peep Show
Favorite movie: American History X
Favorite song: “Live Forever” by Oasis
Activities: “Playing soccer and also traveling to different countries. My favorite pastime is bull running in Spain.” 
If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why? “David Duchovny. I would want him to play me as he is the epitome of cool.”
What is your song preference during karaoke? “Rockin’ Chair” by Oasis
What social media website are you most frequently on? “Instagram is my favorite, I use Facebook/Twitter now and then also.” 
What’s your favorite thing about Austin? “There is always events going on here and Austin hosts such a variety of people to meet too!”
Owain Hoskins is a sophomore at St. Edward’s University and is number 18 on the Men’s Soccer Team. 
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Business Administration major. Junior.
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