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9 Times Parks & Rec Perfectly Explained How We Feel About Midterms

 1. “You do realize we’re almost halfway through the semester?”


2. When instead of exams you get a ton of group projects…which is somehow so much worse


3. When multiple people in your group projects try and take charge during meetings 


4. Your professor making it abundantly clear that extra credit is not and will NEVER be an option 


5. And then heading into office hours like


6. Ignoring all warnings from professors to start studying now


7. When Midterms week arrives with a vengeance 


8. A few seconds after walking out of your last class, as mentally ready as you’ll ever be to rip off the band-aid that is your grades, but nothing is posted yet?!!


9. yep- 


Hannah Saada

St Edward's '18

Hannah is passionate about gender equity and is a Marketing major at St. Edward's University. She's currently the President for HC at her university. Friends can attest she's a serious Netflix addict and 80s movies are close to her heart. When she's not binge watching a new show, you'll either catch her reading or laughing at terrible puns. [S]he's a righteous dude. Follow Hannah on Instagram at @han_saada
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