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I can smell the Pumpkin Spice Latte in the air—is it Fall already?? Okay ladies, this is what we’ve been training for. It’s time to pull out your sweaters and pumping carving supplies, because we’ve got some great ideas on how to celebrate your Fall semester.


Pumpkin carving is an awesome event to plan for your friends, but it’s also a great option if you don’t have the means to throw a full-on Halloween rager. All you need are candles to light your jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins and carving supplies for each of your guests. The party can start with picking out pumpkins in the grocery store before you meet at home. Set out enough newspaper to protect the floor and then get carving! Make sure to put on some tunes—I recommend the Halloween Monster Jams playlist on Spotify! And once everyone is done carving and the jack-o-lanterns are lit, sprinkle some cinnamon inside and enjoy the pumpkin pie smell!


Baking a pie is a great idea for the girl’s night. The classic pumpkin pie is always fun, but apple pies are a personal favorite. (Don’t forget: you’ll need a peeler to peel your apples!) There’s also a lot of awesome Halloween snack recipes on Pinterest…


A movie night is a fun event to host and it usually pairs pretty well with comfy blankets, scented candles, and apple cider. Make it a blast by whipping up a festive Halloween punch! Personally, I like the Black Magic Margarita from Delish. Scary movies are fair game, but fall movies like Hocus Pocus are always fun and nostalgic, too :-)


If you have a place to throw a party, this can be a super awesome event. This year we’re throwing a party in our apartment. Of course, we advised the neighbors about the party (DON’T FORGET THAT) and they gave us the OK. A spooky Halloween punch is perfect for this event, too, depending on your number of guests. For best results, encourage everyone to wear costumes and decorate with spooky cobwebs and glow in the dark bats!


I love Friendsgiving! Do it potluck style—maybe make a google doc to see who is able to provide which dishes. The person who volunteers to host should be in charge of the turkey. You’ll need stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce—and splitting up the work can really help everyone come together and have good time before everyone goes home for the Thanksgiving break.

My name is Amelia, but I go by Lia. I am a Psychology Major with a Spanish Minor. I care about issues of race, gender, and economic equality. But I also have more light-hearted interests like cooking, live music events, and animals.
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