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22 Things I Hope To Do This Year

Today is my 22nd birthday aka my Taylor Swift year. 

Here are 22 things that I hope to achieve this year. Let the fun begin! 

1. Start consistently going to yoga again.

2. Find my first post grad job.

3. Attend ACL again.

4. Give back to the people who have given me the most in life. My parents and grandparents. 

5. Travel somewhere new.

6. Pray daily.

7. Go gluten free. Or at least try my best to.

8. Sad, but try my best to be dairy free.

9. Go on a girl’s trip with my mom.

10. Schedule brunch dates with girlfriends at least once a month.

11. Revaluate my life goals.

12. Do something different with my hair. 

13. Stop fearing speaking my mind.

14. Start a special needs ministry at my church.

15. Spend more time with my grandparents. 

16. Cliche, but do something that scares me.

17. Travel outside of Texas just for a concert.

18. Clean out my closet.

19. Gift my family something special.

20. Visit Yellowstone.

21. Become a regular at a local coffee shop.

22. Love life a little bit more.


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