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Why You Need to Update Your LinkedIn and CV Every Semester

In a time where everything is online, it is important to remember that career opportunities are there as well. Most people remember to update their Facebook and Instagram with their recent highlights. This is your reminder to do the same with your LinkedIn and CV. There are a multitude of reasons why keeping them up-to-date is important. You can read some of them below:

  1. Show what you’ve been up to recently 

Here at university, you are constantly busy. Believe it or not, your uni-activities can help boost your LinkedIn profile as well as your social life. Academics, sports, clubs, and volunteering are all valuable details to share, as they help describe who you are and what you like doing, which will only help you in the future. Whether you’ve joined a new society or taken up a part-time job, you definitely did something to add to your CV. The hardest part is simply just writing it all down! Another reason why this should be done each semester is that it may become overwhelming to just review once a year. Remembering start dates, what you accomplished, and your impact gets harder the more you let it get away from you. Taking the time now will save you time later. 

  1. People are searching for you

There are two main reasons people look at your LinkedIn: they want to connect with you, or they are viewing you as a potential employee. By not having current information, you are missing out on plenty of opportunities. This is incredibly relevant this time of year when you may be applying to spring or summer internships. Employers will be hoping to see a holistic view of you. Don’t miss out simply because your CV did not list the most current leadership roles or grades. There is a visual component involved as well. LinkedIn allows you to have a headshot on display, so make sure that yours accurately represents what you look like now! This will make it easier for people to recognize you both on and off-line. 

  1. Manage and interact with your network

Updating your LinkedIn also means you can add others to your network, which you should be doing consistently. Think of how many people you interact with each semester: people in classes, friends of friends, or people you run into in Tesco all the time. Adding them to your network is invaluable. I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying, “You’re only as good as your team.” Your network is your team; let them help you. At the same time, this is also a reminder to interact with the people in your network. Like their posts, comment, and make a post of your own! You could even have your post be that of your updated resume. Allow people to feel like they are following your journey into your career. 

As this semester begins, allow this to be a reminder to update your CV and LinkedIn. Set aside time over the next couple of weeks before deadlines appear to look towards your future. Ask a friend to take a new headshot, a parent to review your CV, and the Careers Center to review your LinkedIn. I know I’ll be doing the same!

Francesca Lavelle

St Andrews '23

Francesca is a third-year studying Management at the University of St. Andrews from New Jersey. Writing for HerCampus allows her to write more creatively than she does in classes about topics that interest her ranging from arts/culture to money and career.
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