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Even with classes, meetings, and socials all online, you can still show your style and stand out. The special beauty of Teams and Zoom calls is that you only need to focus on tops; you can leave pajama pants on all day if you want. Here are just a few ideas to try to rediscover what you might already have in your closet, and to remind you that fashion is supposed to be fun!

Play with Patterns

Although it is often said that patterns are ‘too busy,’ do not let that limit you. Now is the time to finally try ‘patterns on patterns,’ or simply experiment with prints that have been hiding at the back of your closet. Some of my favorite patterns are stripes, which look beautiful on absolutely everyone and create movement, and polka dots, which are eye-catching for when you want to stand out from that tiny corner on the side of the screen. Patterns are an easy way to show off your personality, so be bold! 

Experiment with Different Collars

If you tend to stick with the basics, try elevating block-colour tops with just a change of the collar. There are Peter Pan collars, V-necks, turtlenecks, and so many more. Creating different lines, collars can accentuate different features in ways that regular crew necks could never dream of. For example, turtlenecks are highly versatile. They can be dressy or casual, all depending on how they are styled. And, you can take materials, fabrics, and colors you love and slowly start expanding your wardrobe just by focusing on different collars.

Try Layering

Sweaters, blazers, and other tops can add more than just another layer to your look. Depending on the nature of the call, you could throw a turtleneck on under a lighter top, or add an oversized blazer to an outfit to play with proportions. The options are limitless!

Focus on the Detail(ing)

Whether it is ruffles on your sleeves, buttons on a blouse, or embroidery, let your style be the focal point! Ina vein similar to incorporating new patterns into the rotation, adding smaller details can make a large impact on calls. People notice these differences no matter how small they appear. On camera, everything is important. Dressing for calls should be a fun activity, so play with different details and see what works the best for you. You may find that pieces that originally seemed ‘too busy’ or intimidating are your new go-tos.

Remember Accessories

Never forget the difference that accessories can make. While it is true that belts and shoes no longer play the role they used to, necklaces, scarves, and hair accessories have since taken up the reins and are simple ways to look more put together. Not only can scarves be tied in several different ways (check out 25 Different Ways To Tie A Scarf), there are so many colors and prints to choose from. You could wear the same shirt every day, but with a different scarf on top, no one would know the difference. Hair accessories have the same effect. Between headbands, bandanas, hats, and clips, the world is your oyster if you want to add another dimension to your fashion choices. 

Now more than ever, the online world is a challenging space, but don’t let your outfit choices factor into that. Take a little time for yourself and consider trying out a new look or trend. The commitment is low – if it doesn’t work for you, you can change after the meeting and never think about it again. The only mistake in fashion is not experimenting. So going forward, try something new for your next call.

Francesca Lavelle

St Andrews '23

Francesca is a third-year studying Management at the University of St. Andrews from New Jersey. Writing for HerCampus allows her to write more creatively than she does in classes about topics that interest her ranging from arts/culture to money and career.
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