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What Roller Disco Taught Me About Life

The Roller Disco came back to St Andrews last Saturday night, and it was an eye opening experience to say the least. Here are ten things I learned about myself and life in general as I was trying not to fall over, crash, or just generally make a fool of myself. 

  1. Our bell-bottomed forefathers were in seriously good shape… And coordinated.  They had to look good in gold hot-pants, or tight flair-jeans, and not much else, and they had to do it while skating AND dancing…I despair.
  2. Always wear your protective gear: wrist-guards are cooler than wrist casts.  And you can take them off before the shower…unless you have a slippery shower, then viva la wrist guard!
  3. 70s music is underrated
  4. Sometimes competition is productive.  It gives you the drive to improve and hopefully stop looking like a toddler learning how to walk…
  5. …and sometimes it’s okay to just keep your head down and learn how to walk.  Focus too much on the other people around you who are lapping you gracefully (literally and metaphorically.  I’m looking at you high-paying grad-scheme fourth years!), and you’ll probably fall down (again, literally and metaphorically)
  6. The limited athletic ability I had as a child far outweighs the limited ability I have as an (so called) adult.  7 year old me would be appalled…and so smug.
  7. The best way to get people into Venue 2, is to close venue 1.  That was packed!
  8. There’s always enough time.  You can walk away from the essays for an hour. Or four.
  9. Glitter eyeliner may seem like a cute way to dress up for a roller disco, but it will get in your eyes and blind you and people will think you’re crying.
  10. If you’re going to do something new, always do it with your friends.  It makes all things (bad and good) better.  Plus you can take turns laughing at each other’s failures.
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