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What Happens After Freshers’ Week: Postgrad Edition

So was the epic Freshers’ week what you imagined it to be? Met great new people from all around the world? Strolled into bars that you knew you were spending rest of your year in? (Most probably you have- St Andrews does not have that many bars!) Did you join a society because the name of it just blew your mind away? Or perhaps did you join a sports club that you always wished you could- I know I did with sailing! And finally did you pat yourself on the back when you realised what great choice you made to come St Andrews?

But now that Freshers’ Week has passed what’s happening? A lot of us Post Graduate students are just trying to fit in! We are trying to find the best place to have a drink or two without it being overrun by younger students – who we love to hang out with – but some of us can’t stomach as many late nights anymore. The Rascals Bar has hosted a night or two for Post Grads, causing a few of us to breathe a sigh of relief.

We are trying to find silly things like – hangers! My shirts have been folded since I arrived because I can’t seem to find any hangers in town…perhaps I should have thought of them while back home and packed them with the shirts. I guess I’m not that smart after all.

We are trying to find out more about our classes or trying to understand our lack of classes quite honestly. 5 hours of class a week means practically a zillion hours of reading in our rooms or library! To be or not to be a student who reads for the entire year?

Or perhaps we are simply trying to swat away the Fresher’s Flu that has taken everyone by storm – I for one I’m suffering most terribly from it. It is spreading on my floor so quickly I am pretty sure the house is going to be quarantined by the end of next week. So word of advice; Post Grads get those vitamins and minerals before it’s too late and you come over the sniffing, coughing and moaning! Undergrads too!

What about you? How are you getting through post Fresher’s Week – Post Grad or not?

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