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This Week We Love: #HCsurvivalkits

Her Campus sent us an amazing surprise, a Spring Break Survival Kit. It was packed full of goodies from Chipotle, TRESemme, Yokini Swimwear, and some fabulous HC products as well. 

I personally can’t wait to try the 7 Day Keratin Smooth System we received from TRESemme. Look out for a review of it coming soon!

Chipotle was especially generous, sending us plenty of free burrito cards! They must know that uni students love free food almost as much as we love Chipotle.

The team can’t wait to use our Yokini Swimwear vouchers, maybe you’ll see us all in matching swimsuits at May Dip? It could happen! 

Thank you so much to Her Campus and all their partners for the amazing kits! We love you!

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.
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