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This Week We Love: Fish and Chips

This week we are all about that great British classisc: Fish and Chips. What could be better as a Friday night treat after a long hard week of meeting your friends for coffee and avoiding the library? 

Here in St Andrews we are lucky to have the amazing Tailend. While it is a little bit more pricey than others, the lightness of the batter and the quality of the fish are definitely worth it. 

What’s that you say? You don’t like fish? Don’t fret, neither do I. Luckily Tailend serves chicken, sausage, hamburgers, and a plethora of other non fish items. And anyway, you can always have the chips. Student life is not complete until you have had chips for dinner at least once. 

I’ll leave you on the note that I have made myself ravenously hungry during the course of writing this article. If you do one thing this week, let it be Fish and Chips for dinner! 

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.
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