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From Shakespeare’s haunting prologue of Romeo and Juliet Verona gets a special shout out: ‘in fair Verona, where we lay our scene’, to the recent film starring Amanda Seyfried, Letters to Juliet, Verona has long been an inspiration on the cultural landscape. And, with the fragrant blossom, the pink glow of our English skin & the intoxication of gourmet gelato – the promise of romance is in the air (especially if you meet Americans from the nearby base ;-) ).

Verona is small enough to navigate by foot - with dazzling piazzas and delicious pizzas – what more could you want from a city?

Here are some suggestions of where to visit and what to do in Verona:

1.       Visit The Balcony & don’t forget to touch the boob

‘Oh My God, I can’t believe Romeo and Juliet actually stood here’ my friend overheard on a recent trip to the city. Come along and see where the couple defining eternal love serenaded each other from the balcony. Plus, touching the left boob of the statue of Juliet is supposed to be lucky…

2.       Waltz around the Giardino Giusti

At sunset in early spring, this garden was magical; the glowing panorama of the firebrick red rooftops delighted our motley and sleep-deprived squad. The gardens - planted on a hill - were entirely tranquil as we laughed our way up the labyrinth of pathways.

3.       Return unable to fit into your jeans.

Italian food = the best food in the world.

Pizza & Pasta & wine & coffee & gelato: the dream.

For some of the best pizza in town, head to pizzeria da Salvatore.

For pasta, head to Enocibus, located centrally on the vicolo Pomodoro; it has the most delicious food and the most delightful owners. I recommend the spinach home-made gnocchi.


4.       Enjoy a meander through the streets

Dip and dive into coffee shops, try every flavour imaginable of gelato, enjoy the sunlight, & generally be totally indulgent; this is la dolce vita after all. Extravagance can continue with the plethora of the designer brands luxuriously lining the streets - think Dolce & Gabanna etc.


5.       If you get bored: head to Venice, Lake Garda, or Milan

The train system is fairly easy to navigate: perfect for making a getaway to some of the larger cities of Italy.

Venice: A real-life fairy-tale city – a must-see destination.

Lake Garda: A beautiful lake

Milan: Check out the Duomo (hint: correct pronunciation = articulate all of the syllables), which is architecturally astounding and with a dark cave-like but colossal interior. 

3rd Year History student at St Andrews
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