Top 5 Places for Brunch in St Andrews

A huge part of the uni experience at St Andrews is getting to enjoy the amazing food this town has to offer, and ever since coming here, I’ve become a huge brunch-fan. Pancakes, eggs, waffles, milkshakes - the options are endless and utterly mouthwatering. So without further ado, here are my top five recommendations for brunch in St Andrews. Grab your gal pals and let’s get started :) 

1. Northpoint, 24 North Street

This is a St Andrews classic, known for its pancakes and its role in the courtship of Kate Middleton and Prince William. My usual order is a half-stack with blueberries and syrup, but you can never go wrong with a full breakfast spread or one of the amazing milkshake options. Photo Credit: Raunak


2. Bibi’s Cafe, 5 Ellice Place

I absolutely adore this place! It’s a cute little cafe with a parking lot right next to it, so perfect for anyone with a car. Their Egg Royale is to die for and I do not mean that lightly. [See the picture below from the last time I had brunch here] This cafe also has an amazing assortment of smoothies and milkshakes. 

[My photo: I love this meal!! Eggs Royale and Earl Gray <3 <3] 


3. Gorgeous, 7 Bell Street

It may look quite small but there is an upstairs with proper seating, so no worries! I’ve only been here once but had one of the best veggie paninis ever. It also have a very beautiful and calming atmosphere with great lighting - perfect for a brunch picture session with the squad. 

[My photo: Veggie panini and a green tea latte <3]

4. VIC St Andrews, 1 St Mary’s Place 

They did change their menu recently but I’m sure the classics are still on there. The veggie breakfast is amazing and this is the only place I’ve been to so far that does such an amazing spread for vegetarians <3 You can also get wine with your brunch :) Photo Credit: TripAdvisor; sorry I couldn't get a picture of the food, but I promise its amazing. 


5. The Cottage Kitchen, 5 Logie's Lane

The food and the desserts are both excellent - I highly recommend this place not only for brunch but also for a quick coffee/dessert break whenever needed. I don’t think I’ve ever had a finer almond cake… 

[Also my photo: I paired this almond cake with a fine Earl Gray - it was wonderful.] 


BONUS: St Andrews Waffle Company, 131 South Street

A bonus brunch spot! It opened only in September but the food is so damn good. The waffles are not so much brunch as they are glorified dessert, but either way, they are heavenly and will give you a sugar rush and a simultaneous food coma. 

[My photo: friend and I split the taster plate, and it was AMAZING]