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Theo Varenne

Name: Theo Varenne

Studying: International Relations, Arabic and Persian

Year: 2

Hometown: Tokyo, or wherever his parents are (currently outside of Paris)

When I mention the high workload Theo must have studying international relations and two languages, he laughs and explains that he’s always had a love of learning languages. I’m assuming this is partially out of habit— coming from a bilingual household that alternates between French and English, and partially out of necessity—having moved frequently with his family, living in Tokyo, London, and France, and on his gap year traveling through Malaysia, Mongolia, Syria and Lebanon. “It was something new to do, I already speak Spanish, so South America would have been cheating.”

Theo describes his personal style as ‘slightly eccentric’ and strongly influenced by his parents, though doesn’t really follow fashion. He prefers to buy what appeals to him, “If I see something I like, I get it.” Usually something simple paired with something standout— like bright socks or bright green jeans “which I think are only socially acceptable in St Andrews,” he adds light heartedly. “I’m definitely colorful, but not to the point of looking like a rainbow.” While he takes his studies seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously- a rare and welcome treat in a town that can sometimes feel obsessed with image.

In his first year, Theo was the Traditions Representative in John Burnett Hall, where he met his girlfriend of almost a year, Catherine. “There’s a funny gif someone put up about guys in St Andrews and their reactions when they hear the word ‘relationship’. They just disappear: hiding in plants, blending into the wall; but I’m very happy where I am right now. We have a great time, always.”

St Andrews activities: Polo, all food and wine societies*, Model UN, cooking and having dinners, and helping to organize big events like the Bongo and Masquerade Balls.

Perfect Girl: “I like someone who is funny, easy going, not someone who is very stuck up and set in their ways it to the point of being dogmatic. It can be very off-putting. “

Weirdest Uni Experience: “I’m not sure if I want that to be published…but this one time we went trolley tobogganing across the fairway of the Old Course…”

*Fine Dining, Wine and Cheese, Chocolate, Quaich, Sushi

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