Sweet Treats in St. Andrews

Exams are officially over, congratulations everyone! And what better way to celebrate than with something sweet? With the various bakeries and restaurants in town, we have the pick of the lot! Here’s a list of my favorite desserts and treats in town

1. Nutella Crepes at Le Rendez-Vous

The only place in St. Andrews in serve proper crepes, Le Rendez-Vous’s Nutella crepes are absolutely heavenly and one of my favorite things to treat myself to on a bad day. The savory pancakes aren’t half bad either!

2. Chocolate Melt at Zizzi’s

I usually like to try different desserts at a restaurant, but at Zizzi’s I have a got-to dessert: the classic chocolate melt that oozes chocolate on the first bite, a bite that goes hand in hand with a scoop vanilla ice cream. Out of curiosity, I did sample Zizzi’s Chocolate and Banana Calzone once, and it’s definitely worth the try.

3. Milkshakes at Jannettas Gelateria

As a gelateria, Jannettas is understandably most famous for its gelato, but when I go to Jannettas, it’s usually for one of their milkshakes. Their milkshakes come with a unique twist it combines two different ice cream flavors of your own choice – I’ve tried a selection of different combinations, but my current favorite happens to be salted caramel with white chocolate J Speaking of milkshakes though, I do have a soft spot for Blackhorn’s toffee popcorn milkshake – its taste matches its namesake to a tee.

4. Fudge Donuts at Fisher and Donaldson

I recently tried Fisher and Donaldson’s famous Fudge Donuts, and all I can say is that it completely meets the hype, with the fudge frosting going perfectly. with the custard filling. A taste of heaven. Another treat everyone should totally try at Fisher and Donaldson are their wonderful rhubarb pies!

5. Pancakes with Canadian Maple Syrup as Northpoint Café

Okay, this might be cheating as Northpoint Cafe’s pancakes go best with their American brunch, which comes with scrambled eggs and grilled bacon, but these are an amazing sweet treat as well brunch favorite.

6. Chocolate Glory at Pizza Express

My most recent favorite on the list, the Chocolate Glory caught my eye last week when I was lunching in Pizza Express. Served in a tall, long glass, this decadent dessert of vanilla ice cream and fudge pieces with chocolate and fudge sauce is a treat to remember, and one to savor.