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Summer Shoe Trends

By Amelia Summers

There are few things that can make you feel instantly fabulous. Things like perfume, jewelry, and handbags are the objects of our everyday instant gratification. Shoes, however, reach a whole other level of fulfillment. For women, they are the adornment we chose to make ourselves appear tall, slim, confident, and polished. Most gratifying of all is the instant boost when we pass a reflective window on the street and catch a glimpse of our ensemble, which reminds us how fabulous we feel and look in beautiful shoes. No matter the silhouette, choosing shoes that you will love and that make you feel both as powerful as Hillary Clinton and as sexy as a Victoria Secret model is the most important aspect of shoe shopping.

Amongst the hullabaloo of glitter, studs, and extreme heights, there are a few more wearable trends this year that are practical and innovative. One of the most popular shoe trends has been the clear Perspex. The versatile aspect of the Perspex is that it can be incorporated anywhere giving what would have been normal shoes something extra. They give off a translucent, barely-there feeling that creates boundless options when trying to find shoes that won’t weigh down your outfit.

Typically, the ankle strap was an easy way to feminize any accoutrements you may be wearing. But with this year’s adaptation the look, the ankle strap has followed both the classic delicate shape on a kitten heel and the weighty thick buckled strap on a super platform. Examples of these extremes are Valentino’s Rockstud pumps with a slimming pointed toe and Christian Louboutin’s Super Dombasle cork platforms. Obviously we all don’t have 800 pounds to dish out for a pair of shoes, but our go-to stores like Topshop, Steve Madden, Madewell, and Office have a selection of ankle strap shoes that is just as good.

All practically aside, I personally always go for the most exciting shoe I can find. I figured that out when I was 5 and I found a pair of Barbie platform light up sandals that I later twisted my ankle in while skipping. The lesson of those shoes was that if you don’t hurt yourself in a pair of fabulous platforms at least once in your life, you aren’t having enough fun. So whether you love the idea of playing Cinderella in a pair of clear pumps or playing up your inner hipster in a pair leather super platforms, delve into the shoe stacks and try on something you normally wouldn’t glance twice at, you are bound to find something entertaining.

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.
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