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St Andrews Travel Scholarships

Want to put in some leg work to travel the world for free? St Andrews provides a solution. 

Every year money is put aside by various contributors in St Andrews to go towards the traveling expenses of a lucky (or just well informed) few. 

1. Alexander H Smith Travel Bursary

  • Modern language students (studying at least two languages) 
  • £400 
  • International travel 

2. Norman Kemp Smith Travel Scholarship

  • All undergraduates 
  • £250 
  • Travel connected with course studied 
  • OR other creative/practical purpose  

3. St Salvator’s Hall Travel Scholarship 

  • Residents of St Salvator’s Hall
  • £250 
  • Interesting international travel 
  • Academic merit and contribution to hall life are considered 

4. Walker Trust Travel Scholarship 

  • Students with satisfactory grades and active participants in extracurricular life of university 
  • £500
  • To pay for a course in a foreign university 
  • OR a trip of educational value to a foreign country 

5. Zannah Stephen Memorial Travel Scholarship 

  • 3rd year students in art history, biology, geography/sustainable development, earth and environmental sciences, history or modern languages. 
  • £300 
  • International travel

The application deadlines for all these are 12 noon on Friday the 16th of March (this week!) so happy applying! 

For application forms follow the following link: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/students/money/bursariesandscholarships/tra…




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