St Andrews Take-away stops

The oven in my flat has broken. In an incident that will forever be known as Falafel-Gate 2015 an electrical fault occured, so R.I.P. Oven. On top of deadlines, readings, job searches, and general life questioning – this was not good news. I cried. I mourned. I almost lost my appetite.

This was the oven that was about 30 years old with a layer of grease that would make even Ross Geller jealous. It was at the heart of my various attempts at cooking and baking. I have memories (burns) on my hands and arms that are marks of respect to this oven. The flat suppers. The late night baking. The hours needed to roast even the most basic things. The unique layers of burned and raw dough when attemting to bake. The oven added a layer of character to our cooking and our life; my flatmates and I bonded over its uselessness. It had a special place in our hearts though I doubt it will be missed.

Thankfully, however, I rallied; I decided not to mourn (much) the dirty, decrepit, and only slightly dangerous oven but instead to take this chance indeed - this unique opportunity- to enhance my knowledge of the St Andrews takeaway scene.

1.       Maisha

This is my favourite takeaway in St Andrews. My loyalty is so steadfast that I have refused to try other Indian cuisine in St Andrews. It’s where I celebrated my 21st birthday. It’s the origin of my extensive supply of Tupperware boxes. It’s my happy place. Maisha’s food is delicious and also incredibly student friendly with their student deal.

2.       Blackhorn

This is my hangover mecca. I love the chips, especially when I NEED some yummy, easy food. I have yet to try Burger, Blackhorn’s new competitor but am looking forward to it; I hear they have a better veggie selection in any case!

3.       Cromars (Where Fish Meets Chips!)

It’s officially the 'Best Fish & Chip Shop in Scotland 2016,' so you have to go check it out. Enjoy the best seafood Scotland has to offer for a truly classic British meal. 

4.       Dr Noodles

The Noodle bar is also a good hangover option or perfect for exam season. It’s relatively cheap and takes about two seconds to get – perfect for quick study breaks. Definitely go for the extra veggies!

5.       Soooshi (Rolling since 2013).

Sooshi is only open on the weekend, but as a student-run enterprise which focuses on local produce and everybody’s sushi cravings, it’s definitely another local favourite. Be sure to check out the website for opening times!

I know that there are many other options, but I will just have to wait until the next time my dear oven combusts. #ripoven