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Spring Essentials

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Andrews chapter.

By: Amelia Summers

One of my favorite tricks to de-stress and get the creative juices flowing during a study break is to hang up my clothes. I know, I heard you just think “What?!”. But I am completely serious. With limited storage and too many clothes, most of us find ourselves doubling up clothes on hangers to consolidate the space. I use this technique to play around with my clothes and find different outfits that I never would have thought of unless I had taken the wild guess and hung up two pieces of clothing on the same hanger.

Spring fashion this year reminds me of my pattern blending and color mixing study breaks. With such a wide range of vivid colors and prints that seem to be picking up momentum, spring fashion means more selection, more options, and more outfits that you can create with just a few of the seasons most popular pieces. Maggie models some of clothes that she picked up to pull her wardrobe away from muted winter jumpers and into spring pastels.

One of the transition colors that is especially popular in the ever so versatile jean, is the bright blue that Maggie wears with a crisp white lace top, a lightweight watercolor scarf, and a pair of grey and white lace up oxfords. This outfit works because the solid colors from the lace and the jeans are picked up in the double toned shoes and the patterned scarf, which creates a cohesive feel without being matchy-matchy. The look would most likely be paired with a trench as practicality is key in the spring and summer months with flocculating weather.

In the second look, Maggie shows off the spring and summer trends of finger, wrist, and neck “candy”. With bright colored rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the possibilities are endless when worn with a bright colored cardigan and a white pair of jeans. This outfit is finished off with some gold wedges that are an elegant and comfortable alternative to walk in all day long.

For Maggie, the jumpsuit is her favorite silhouette for spring and summer, because it is practical, comfortable, and a great substitute to a maxi dress. She bought one in black and white so that she could dress it up or down and wear it with any color in her closet. Here she wore it with a sheer ruffled vest and a pair of graphic chevron loafers to create a sophisticated and trendy outfit.

The orange trench coat is a particular favorite of mine because I think having a few bright colored basics is essential to keeping your spring and summer looks feeling fresh and beautiful, no matter what type of heat – or lack thereof – you are battling. A flattering denim skirt, a good quality white T-shirt, and the nude flat are just a few other basics that are easily incorporated into any look and keep your outfit simple and chic.

The last outfit that Maggie put together was the bohemian outfit. She recently picked up a pair of sheer wide legged pants in a graphic black and white print and wore it with a lose lace top, a pair of white rope sandals, and some statement jewelry. Whether you are heading out to the desert for Coachella or dressing for a day at the beach, this outfit keeps you looking and feeling cool without showing too much skin.

Maggie and I hope that at least one of these outfits struck your fancy and that you found inspiration to create your own bright and cheery looks this spring. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match, because the best outfits are put together when you least expect it.

Hannah is a 4th year student of English Literature and Art History at the University of St Andrews.