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Spring Break Ideas: Malta Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

For two long weeks at the end of March, St. Andrews students evacuate the bubble in search of a holiday full of relaxation and adventure. Some of us choose to return home with the intention of getting fed home-cooked meals and escaping annoying flatmates, while others choose to broaden their horizons and book a flight to an exotic destination. If you haven’t booked any plans yet, we’re suggesting you look into Malta. It has been deemed as the European Capital of Culture in 2018. We give an overview below!

Malta is a small island that sits in the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy and just north of Libya. It is known for its interesting mix of European and African culture with Middle Eastern cultural influences. From medieval towns to rolling hills filled with wine vineyards, it’s the perfect week-long getaway. RyanAir offers nearly daily direct flights from Edinburgh to Malta, and once you arrive on the island, it’s a quick half hour shuttle ride to Valletta, the capital city. Book and Airbnb or stay at any boutique hotel in downtown Valletta to get an authentic Malta experience in the thick of city-life.

Valletta is a walled city filled with beaches, ancient temples, gastronomic restaurants and boutique hotels. Valletta is also a UNESCO-World Heritage Site listed for its collection of Baroque architecture, elegant church domes, and richly embellished palazzos. Visit the elaborate treasures in St. John’s Cathedral, discover a secret swimming hole off the beaten beach path, or go out to one of Malta’s infamous nightclubs that litter around across Valletta…

If you’d like to escape the buzz of the city, try taking a day trip by boat to the island of Gozo. Gozo is Malta’s serene younger sister, an island filled with wineries, hiking paths, and gastronomical restaurants. Spend the day hiking across the island before finding a delicious bite to eat of fresh fish or Maltanese pasta at Ta’Philip.

After several days of exploring the islands, spend a few days just relaxing by lying on the beach and ordering an abundance of food and drinks for you and your friends before you all have to head back to the reality of deadlines and academic stress. Enjoy Malta while it lasts!

Hi I'm Margaret Crawford and I grew up in Dallas, Texas before venturing to St. Andrews for university to read, write, learn, and travel.
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