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Spring Break 101: How to Make it the Best Break Yet

Spring Break 101: How to Make It Your Best Break Yet

As lectures come to an end and the final essays are quickly uploaded onto MMS I am sure you all will be with me in breathing a massive sigh of relief! We are officially half way through the semester and that means half way to summer! Before us is a two week stretch where many students will be running away to some far distant land for some fun in the sun (my housemate is off to Bali tomorrow, so jealous!) or are returning home for some much needed rest and recuperation, helped by some loving parents who you don’t have to argue with to turn the heat on (unlike students grown-ups don’t need to be frugal with heating!) Well before you all head off to Leuchars to catch your trains Her Campus St Andrews would love to bestow some tips on how to make this your best spring break ever! 


1. Rest Your Eyes!

I am not sure about you but as a student there is so much reading that has to be covered for that dreaded end of the week seminar that means when I wish to relax my first thought is to type Netflix into my toolbar as opposed to picking up one of the many (but mostly unread!) novels that I have been gathering dust since I hopefully brought them up after summer. So, instead of catching up with House of Cards (a must!) why not relax your eyes with some light-hearted reading? Her Campus was kind enough to send Her Campus St Andrews team two books in our Spring Break Survival Kit that we have absolutely loved! The first, ‘Dirty Rush’ by Taylor Bell is a hilarious tell-all novel about the secret life of a sorority girl. With Babe Walker, New York Times Bestselling author of White Girls Problems describes the escapades of Taylor Bell, ‘I am not in the habit of giving it compliments, but this book is really funny, fun and cute’. Our second novel that Her Campus St Andrews would like to recommend is ‘The Interns Handbook’ by Shane Kuhn which tells the tale of John Lago, a successful Hit man in New York, and an intern at a Manhattan Law Firm. This novel is a real page turner, believe me you will not be able to put it down!


2. Find Some Sun!

Even if you are not lucky enough to be jetting off to somewhere hot and exotic this week, as rare as it is there appears to be some sun hitting Scotland! Her Campus suggests grabbing a wolly or two, your Her Campus sunglasses and lying out in your garden or heading down to St Andrews beach and catch some Vitamin D!


3. Eat Well!

I know that as the semester continues our trips to Market Street Tesco get more and more frugal, no more are we able to eat out at Pret and even the library café seems pretty expensive! So, whilst under the care those endearing parents Her Campus suggests to take advantage of a free fridge! Gather and consume all those vitamins and iron that you have been missing out on all semester and enjoy yourselves! Her Campus St Andrews was lucky enough to receive some Chipotle Burrito vouchers, with Mexico and the Grill House round the corner go and grab yourself some Mexican food and pretend you are by the coast – as that is our plan! 

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