spontaneous weekend trips (Part 1)

9 Spontaneous Day Trips from St Andrews to Take This Weekend

            There’s a reason that we call St Andrews “The Bubble”. At times, this small fishing village can feel more sweaty and suffocating than Ma Bells on a Tuesday evening. Don’t get me wrong – I love this place. But I don’t love running into my tutor in Tesco on Saturday morning looking like I have recently battled my way through the Brazilian Amazon (hangovers will do that to you). Sometimes, spontaneous day trips from St Andrews are the only solution. You’ll save your dignity, sanity, and a whole lot of money that you didn’t spend on a last-minute trip to Paris instead. Here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Elie

This small coastal village is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been. Hop on the 95 towards Leven and get off on the High Street in the center of town. Follow the winding pathway out to the sandy beach, where you can explore the famous Elie lighthouse and the Lady’s Tower. Feeling ambitious? Follow the Fife Coastal Path to Pittenweem for some amazing handmade chocolate. It’s a 90-minute walk, but totally worth it.


2. Nordic Walking at Cambo Estate

Cambo Estate is a popular venue for weddings, but not many students have experienced this magical country house. Cambo runs a number of events, including Nordic walking (£8/person), a snowdrop festival, and a Christmas fair. You can check out the rest of their events by looking at this calendar here.


3. Anstruther

Forget Cromars vs. Tailend: Anstruther Fish Bar is where the party is. Hop on the 95 towards Leven and the bus will take you directly to the harbor, where you can enjoy your fish and chips while admiring the sailboats in the marina. Make sure to have a look around town – there are colorful houses and a wall made out of seashells that are just waiting to be discovered.


4. Edinburgh

Okay, okay — this one is a no-brainer. Edinburgh is a great choice for everyone, regardless of whether you simply want to get some shopping done, hit up the tourist hotspots, or want to do some unexpected things on a girls' day out. Jump on a train from Leuchars and you can be there in about an hour.