Spoilers or No Spoilers?

This article contains no actual spoilers. 

When it comes to the concept of spoilers, most of them are against them. Before they had a chance to go watch Avengers: Infinity War for themselves, they would blacklist all mentions of the movie across multiple social media platforms - Tumblr, twitter, etc. And while I would never spoil someone who didn't ask for it, I personally don't really understand why people get so defensive about them. 

Spoilers may ruin the primary element of surprise, but that has never been very important for me anyway when it comes to the consumption of media. Even if I know some of the plot details or plot twists ahead of time, hearing it from someone else or reading about it online will never compare to the actual experience of watching the movie or TV episode, so the idea of spoilers "ruining" something leaves me perplexed. 

I can understand people avoiding spoilers because they would like to experience the plot twists as they come, and of course, everyone has the right to do what they want when it comes to spoilers, but avoiding spoilers for big franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars these days can be a complicated dance, and I know more than a few people who avoided social media entirely after spoilers for Infinity War were released, in an effort to stay spoiler-free, which seems like overkill from my perspective. 

I don't mind being spoiled, but it's also nice to watch something for the first time feeling excited and not knowing what's coming next - the question every person has to decide for themselves is: spoilers or no spoilers?