Sexpression's Katie Walker

Name: Katie Walker 

Year: 2nd 

Degree: Social anthropology, great ideas, ancient history 

Hometown: Essex

What society are you part of and what is your role within it? 

Sexpression is a society/ charity that is UK based and we go into schools and do peer-led sex ed classes that are a bit more informative and informal than it would be if it were an older person teaching it. I am the publicity representative, so i’m in charge of making all of the events, publicising those, getting word out. At the minute I am looking for publicity for ‘Safeword’ which is for SHAG week which is week 5. 


Sorry, did you say RAG week? 

No, SHAG week. 


Ah, ok

So that’s the event that we are doing together with LGBT, it’s the Bop on Friday night taken over as ‘Safeword’. There was one last year, this is ‘Safeword’ part two. We also do discussion groups every two weeks so I need to publicise those and then any socials we have as well. 


And who are you funded by? 

It is a charity that began in London so we are funded outside of the university. 


What do you like and dislike about your role? 

I like the involvement of it. I like keeping busy, and it does keep me busy. I constantly have stuff to do so I really enjoy that and it’s a really good way to meet new people, so all the committee members and then anyone that comes to discussions and things like that. I feel very active within it and don’t feel like i’m just ‘there’, I consider myself a part of Expression St Andrews which I think is quite nice. 

Dislike? I don’t think there’s anything major. Sometimes I get a bit stressed just when i’ve got a fair amount to do. I try and do a bit everyday, maybe 20-25 minutes a day. 



Favourite book: Call of the Wild by Jack London

Favourite movie: Into the Wild 

Favourite place in St Andrews: My room because i’m in rented accommodation and its very much my own. 

Something on the St Andrews bucket list: More fashion shows


How would you recommend that her campus readers get involved in expression?

Well, like I said, we have discussion groups very regularly. We share articles and things as well. We have the Facebook page so you can message that page and I think it will most likely be me that responds. We do training weekends. It really depends whether you want more of a teaching experience or if you just want to be involved in Sexpression as a society rather than a charity kind of thing. Last year there was one training weekend each semester, it depends in the demand. 


Plans for the future/ dream job: An anthropologist doing research. More realistically anything that lets me travel. 

Dream vacation: Probably Japan. 


3 things you can't live without: movies and some form of exercise but otherwise I feel like i’m quite an adaptive person. 

Guilty Pleasure: Ketchup on most things