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Sean McDonald

2nd Year

Film Studies and Social Anthropology

Los Angeles, California

Sean is a rare find in St Andrews:  not because he’s American—we’re everywhere—but because this Uni was his first choice.  Sean knew he wanted to come here since he was sixteen.  He originally had his sights set on Edinburgh University, but his mother pointed him in the right direction, “she said, don’t you want to check out a school a prince went to?’  I grumbled but when I stepped out of the car, I just went ‘woah, sign me up!’”  The next two years Sean ‘worked his butt off’ so he could get in. Despite being one of the multitudinous American contingent, Sean is no stranger to Britain, coming here almost every year since he was born with his British parents.  His father is from near-by Cowdenbeath and his mother from down in Wales.  They met in Santa Monica in the 80’s at a British pub (so fitting!) called the Mucky Duck.  Sean’s father was over for the World Cup and his mother was back-packing.  ‘They met, hit it off, something happened and I was born!” in Sean’s own words.  Though his household was very different from that of his friends growing up, Sean always enjoyed the British life.  “Basically every single meal was Shepherds Pie; there was a roast on the table twice a week, HP sauce has a place of honour, fish and chips was a common occurrence—I still live off of vinegar to this day—and Iron Bru is still my favorite drink…I was definitely initiated through food…”

Passionate about media, Sean inherited a love of entertainment from his mother who works in television.  He worked as a Production Assistant for the long-running American series NCIS in high school, and as an Assistant to Payroll for Big Brother the last two summers.  While folding envelopes and filling out payslips may not sound glamorous, there were hidden perks.  “On Thursdays we got to test out the games!” For those of you who are familiar with the show, no explanation here is needed, but for the others, Sean listed ‘swimming through a pool of corn syrup’ and ‘jumping off of a shaking platform, to another shaking platform to grab a teddy bear, and then jumping back’ as business as usual on a Thursday.  This summer he will be working at Entertainment Tonight.

Sean is busy building his media CV at St Andrews as the editor of Stand TV, and involved in four STAR radio shows (he’s actually the Director of Programming for next year, so buy this kid a drink if you’re wanting a slot!…not that he takes bribes…I’m sure he doesn’t…he might…)  He first got involved shortly after Fresher’s Week last year, when he noticed two girls in Uni Hall had a hilarious rapport, ‘I told them they should have a radio show because they were so funny, and they laughed.  Little did they know the next week I’d be dragging them down to STAR to pitch it!  I was sitting outside like a nervous mother.’  The pitch was successful and ‘The FoLo Show’ was born.  Each Wednesday at 1pm the girls have a theme to discuss (Disney theme was excellent), in addition to Uni and world news.  He also has ‘Would You Like Fries With That’, on Thursdays at 1 pm, which features fourteen songs and five discussion topics.  Saturday’s at 5pm you can catch ‘Northern Lights’ and hear what Scotland looks like from the point of view of three Americans.  The last show Sean is involved in is his entertainment and gossip show, ‘Pop the Bubble’, Monday’s at 3, just a few hours before former Cuties Matthew and Andrew Pattie’s ‘The Kabob Shop”.  When I ask Sean if he knows the boys, he laughs and says, “no, but they probably know me! They always hack my facebook!”  Cheeky cheeky brOther guys…

His St Andrews extracurriculars don’t stop there: Sean is also the President of Dumbledore’s Army, the society formerly known as Harry Potter and Gin (Sean is a huge Potter-fan!), and a member of the Kate Kennedy Fellowship.  I encourage anyone with a love of Harry Potter or the ridiculous to join up with D.A—they play Quidditch on Wednesdays, they even have a Highlander Cup match against Edinburgh Uni!  “It’s hilarious, we have this girl who is the snitch, and she gets a few minutes head-start to hide…she’s always in bin bags, or up trees- absolutely ridiculous!”  As for the Fellowship, Sean is very excited for their future, especially the 600th Ball they have planned, so keep an eye out for that.  Most recently they have renovated the ‘Secret Garden’ in St Mary’s Quad, if you need a revision break head over and admire their great work!  The Fellowship also guide historical tours around St Andrews to help raise money for their chosen charity, Family’s First, which provides support for Fife family’s in need.  Somehow, Sean also has time to work at the Vic, so if you ever want to chat, you know where to find him, “I really like to be busy, it’s a little hectic, but it pleases me!”

When it comes to the ladies, Sean is a naturally flirtatious guy—but usually only with his girl friends.  When it comes to a woman he is interested in beyond friendship he “gets all nervous and sentimental” (awww!!).  Sean looks for women with personality, who love to talk and can hold conversation, whether it’s lighthearted banter, academic debate or something more serious. Having such ample amounts of chat and personality, it’s no surprise he looks for a partner with the same. 

Keep an eye out for Sean, basically everywhere you go (the Vic, the Union, the Library—he’s everywhere!) and in his words, “if you think you want to snuggle with this muggle, come and find me!”

Rapid Fire:

Favorite food:  Beanscene nachos, totally underrated

Favorite place for drinks:  The Vic, and it’s the cheapest! £1.50 Monday through Thursday! (sly advert)

Big night out or quiet night in?:  Is this a joke? Big night out, I am a rage cage!

What’s a good night out?:  Pre-drinks at someone’s flat,, and then heading out to house parties.  I’m in a transitional phase, I used to be a Union addict, but I do love  me a Bop!

Fear:  Blood, it freaks me out, and gore… I get a kick out of horror films though

Guilty pleasure:  T-Swift.  I’m a big fan.  She understands me; she’s so poetic…


Thanks Sean and good luck with the last round of exams St Andrews! 

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